Puzo 2008 Tire Suggestion: Should We Stick To OE Equipment?

Puzo 2008 Tire Suggestion: Should We Stick To OE Equipment?

Puzo 2008 is a very good SUV in cities and highways. The 2008 model car is equipped with tires, which are finely matched and meet the vehicle specifications. In any case, Puzo recommends replacement as close as possible to the original equipment(OE). This is the general practice of all car manufacturers in order to bring the car as close to the manufacturer’s tolerance as possible. However, if Puzo does not produce tires and needs to finally replace factory installed tires, what will happen?

OE is always the best.

The best choice is to buy a new tire that is exactly the same as the old tire you want to replace. Sadly, when you enter the tire store, you cannot buy the same tire on the shelf. There are too many tire manufacturers and specifications to choose from, and they will soon lose their direction. If you cannot get the exact same tire, you need a matching tire set. This allows the highest tyre performance, including durability, ride comfort and traction.

Don’t forget about fuel economy.

Choosing cheaper tyres will have a great impact on the rolling resistance of the car. If your Puzo car has OE tires specially designed for low rolling resistance, these tires will adversely affect your fuel economy. Therefore, buying cheap tires can save money in the short term, but in the medium and long term, it can eventually pay more fuel costs. In essence, cheap tires are a false economy for fuel efficiency, and the cost will indeed increase over time.

Tyre life

Another aspect that may affect the financial situation is the durability of tyres. If OE tires are replaced with similar rubber, it is likely to provide a set of tires to maintain the same distance. Cheap tires wear out faster. There is a three digit tire wear rating next to the tire. The higher the number, the longer the life of the tire, but this is only a rough guide. Generally, cheaper tyres need to be replaced more frequently, and the replacement cost may be higher in the medium to long term.

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