Train Air Horn Sound

Train Air Horn Sound

When I was a little boy, I remembered the whistle of a train running on the tracks near my home.

Even Paul Simon sang:; everyone likes the sound of the train in the distance. Now I am an adult. Maybe my wife wouldn’t think so. I found that I still like this sound. But I want it to be louder.

So when I was young, I was obsessed with casting trucks and cars, but now it is related to my pickup truck. My favorite is to find new accessories or neat new things. It can enhance my F-150 and has a customized appearance that I think reflects my personality. After sales parts and accessories can make trucks or SUVs look competent, or add brighter LED lights for safety, providing good opportunities for owners to attract attention. Today, buying a pickup truck will not only give you expensive sticker prices, but also from the perspective of other pickup truck owners driving on the road, there are not many factory choices for enviable bells and whistles. You can add some things, but now the price is really high. It has been completely upgraded. I am the kind of person who likes to add simple installation projects by time. As a poisoned truck accessory, I have been looking for the latest, proudest and most useful accessory. I saw the video scene of train sound on the Internet, which is actually a kit to replace my existing truck horn. I recalled that I had heard the voice of memory countless times there. But I’m here now. I’m looking for something for my truck. The more I play this video, the more I want to see the past in the future. For me, those shiny chrome speakers gave my wife the thrill of seeing diamonds in a jewelry store. Needless to say, it’s cheap! damn! I want that air speaker set.

I can’t believe the voice. I know I can put it in my truck and hear it whenever I choose. I ordered the kit, and I swore that it was like my wife anxiously waiting for UPS to deliver what I ordered. I have to install my kit on the day it arrives. Not dinner, thank you. I am the person who performs the task.

I ordered a 4 chrome speaker 150 PSI kit and followed the simple installation instructions, man, when I blew up that baby for the first time, I was in heaven. Every time after that! This proves that the boys and their toys have never disappeared, just as old as good wine. What’s the problem?