Ocean Port Accident Insurance Company

Ocean Port Accident Insurance Company

Ocean Port Insurance Company is a company specialized in personal automobile insurance, with necessary limits, providing comprehensive automobile insurance, and adding some additional clauses including collision and accidental injury. Perform protection. The company was established in Florida in 1994 and negotiated all insurance contracts through the general manager of Pearl Holdings.

The warranty is not sold through online or direct applications, but is provided through a separate agent. For customers, it is better to purchase and negotiate insurance through independent agents in terms of transparency and product selection. Agents work on behalf of customers and they do not receive any compensation for all policies sold.

although all insurance companies seem to have the same guarantee options, there are several factors that affect premium and limits.

The guarantee scope of marine port insurance is as follows.

Scope of responsibility

Florida is one of the states that implement no fault insurance in the United States. When the accident occurs, the insurance company will pay the medical expenses for the treatment and rehabilitation of the customer, no matter who is at fault. Most states in the country require two different types of liability insurance, including personal injury liability and property damage liability. Electronics are not mandatory in Florida. The insurance company is responsible for paying the customer’s medical expenses, so it is not necessary to confirm whether the customer is at fault. Therefore, the minimum requirement for the scope of liability for care is Property Damage Liability(PDL), with a minimum limit of $10000.

The PDL policyholder of Ocean Port Automobile Insurance Company has caused losses to other people’s property(such as cars and buildings) in the event of an accident. The exclusions of this insurance cover are as follows:

  1. The insured's personal vehicle can be used by other family members. This protection does not apply unless the name of another driver is specified in the policy
  2. Vehicles with less than 4 wheels
  3. Claim for family injuries

Personal injury protection

Florida requires every driver to include personal injury protection(PIP) in the insurance policy, so there can be no fault insurance provisions. With this insurance coverage, HNA Insurance Company will provide financial protection for medical expenses, income loss, family replacement services and death insurance benefits after the accident. Medical expenses account for 80% of the insurance limit, but income loss accounts for 60%.

After reducing one or two of the two purposes, if the insurance limit has a surplus amount, the company will provide it to the other two services. The only exception to PIP is injuries caused by accidents in the car of family members that are not specifically stated on the insurance policy.

No driver insurance

The mandatory insurance coverage of Florida auto insurance regulations includes PIP and PDL, but the marine port accident insurance also provides optional insurance coverage to complete protection. One of the options is uninsured drivers, who will pay compensation for the injury of the insured when there is no car insurance or the insurance limit is insufficient and an accident occurs. The uninsured driver’s insurance also includes medical expenses incurred due to escape.

Scope of conflict

The cost of damage to other people’s property caused by PDL policyholder is the cost of repair or replacement of the car by the policyholder of collision insurance of Ocean Port Insurance. It only applies to the damage caused by an accident with another vehicle.


As a supplement to the conflict, comprehensive insurance covers damages not caused by accidents, such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, falling objects, animals and all other losses not specified in the insurance policy. Except for electronic and audio equipment on the vehicle. Both collision insurance and comprehensive insurance are applicable to personal vehicles, not to rental vehicles or any vehicles used by policyholders as substitutes for Lin Shidai.

Roadside structure

In addition to the basic mandatory and optional insurance, the accident insurance of the seaport also provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, which is paid for every year or six months at extra cost. The dispatching procedure is applicable to all vehicles specified in the insurance policy. Roadside rescue includes emergency services every 72 hours. This program includes the following services:

• Battery service: battery assisted, supporting vehicle startup

• Locking service: help when the key is lost or locked

• Distribution service: the company provides emergency fuel, oil, waste and all necessities useful to the insured. Delivery services include transportation, which means that the insured chooses to supply and pay for the goods.

• Mechanical assistance: including minor adjustment or simple maintenance of the vehicle.

• Yiren service: Ocean Port Insurance provides free Yiren service within 25 miles. If the distance limit is exceeded, the applicant shall pay the difference.

Return of car rental

Ocean Port Auto Insurance also offers a rental application option of up to $20 for 10 days. This provision applies to the maintenance or repair of the insured’s vehicle due to collision.

Hit and Running and anti-theft

The Marine Port Insurance Company provides a bonus of 500 dollars to any person(except the insured) who is convicted of the arrest of the perpetrator who caused the accident by submitting the report; the execution is damaged or stolen. That company offers bonuses to anyone registered with the police.