The World’s Largest Mining Monster

The World’s Largest Mining Monster

Mining excavator is undoubtedly a mechanized monster in the mining industry. Mining excavators are larger than bulldozers, pulley loaders, trucks and many other scrapers and mining vehicles. However, in mining excavators and other types, especially several machines occupy a dominant position.

For mining, many machines and other trams are needed to complete the work. Mining excavators, excavators, bulldozers and other earth moving equipment can play a role. Most of them are quite large, but some of them overshadow their competitors. Today, we will take a look at the world’s largest excavators and what makes them so impressive.


The giant of this machine is the largest excavator in the world at present. In 1997, it was first announced by Terex in Germany, but Bucyrus acquired the mining equipment department of Terex in 2010 and was finally acquired by Caterpillar in 2011. The former excavator weighs 889 tons and can hold 45 cubic meters of rock. The equipment is powered by two 16 cylinder diesel engines with a maximum power of 4400 horsepower.

Hitachi EX8000-6

The large excavator was announced by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2012 and is currently listed as the second existing hydraulic excavator. Hitachi EX8000-6 weighs 811 tons and can be installed with shovel or semi shovel accessories. The bucket capacity of the excavator is 45 meters ³, Shovel capacity is 40 meters ³ It can lift 75 tons at a time. The equipment is equipped with two 16 cylinder diesel engines with 3880 horsepower.

Liebherr R9800

The Rifhail R9800 is considered the largest mining excavator in the world. This monster like machine is designed for large mining operations and can excavate any surface or terrain. Powered by two 16 cylinder V-engines, the Rive Hail R9800 can handle the most challenging mining tasks. The total power of the machine is 2984 kW, and the maximum working weight is 810000 kg. In order to effectively operate and operate the Liffenhere R9800, 20000 litres of diesel fuel are required.

DEMAG H740 operating system

The total working weight of the former scraper is 744 tons, which is the fourth largest hydraulic excavator at present. This machine has been in operation since 1999. It has a wider body and an infinite track plate than its predecessors. The carrying capacity of the front bucket is 40 meters ³ The whole unit is powered by two 16 cylinder diesel engines, which can produce up to 4000 horsepower.

Wrapper 293

Mining excavator is one of the largest machines in the world, and the most popular one is Bagger 293. It is about 96 meters long, 225 meters long and 14200 tons in total. It is the largest land vehicle in history. This beast needs five people to operate. It can handle a large amount of soil and chew up to 240000 cubic meters of soil a day.

BELAZ75710 tipper

Of course, another stock of the mine is dump trucks. The biggest thing in the world belongs to Bellaz. Their model is 75710, also appropriately called “450”, and its capacity is 25% larger than the following models. It is named because it can load up to 450 tons of payload. It uses two large diesel engines with 16 cylinders and 4-cycle MTU respectively. It also has two axles and eight wheels, which enables the transportation of large quantities of goods around the mining area. Its top speed is about 64 km/h.

LETOURNEAU L-2350 pulley loader

LeTourneau L-2350 has the world’s largest disc loading record of 234 tons(operating weight) and 65 tons of maximum payload. Its bucket is 40.52 cubic meters, but it may not last for the longest time. LeTourneau has been studying the prototype of L-2350, which will have about 53.52 cubic meters of larger barrels. Leourneau is definitely the king of roller skating and will not give up this title soon.