After The Accident: What To Do

After The Accident: What To Do

If you are involved in a traffic accident, everyone will be surprised. The accident itself and the next few days may be chaotic. Almost in the blink of an eye, your life will change in many ways, and usually not better. Will you pay for the happiness of yourself or others injured in traffic accidents? There are many questions to answer, and documents and concerns need to be filled in. Some questions and concerns include:

  • What happened to my car after the accident?

  • Can my insurance cover the loss?

  • Will the accident insurance rate increase?

  • Will I or others involved in the conflict be criminally charged?

  • Is it possible to be prosecuted for an accident?

  • What should I do first after the accident?

  • What steps or protocols should I follow?

  • Who should I call to inform about the accident?

There is something you need to deal with after the accident. The best way is to take the initiative to deal with these things quickly and efficiently, so that people with the right experience can help you when needed. Having an experienced lawyer around you after a car accident can ensure easier work, less stress and more thorough handling.

Record the accident site—

It is difficult to remember what to do at the scene when an accident occurs. But at the scene of the accident, the most important thing is to record the scene as effectively as possible. If a smartphone or other device is still running after an accident, use it to record it. This will prove useful in the near future. Do the following:

  • Take pictures of relevant vehicles

  • Record the position of the vehicle in the wreckage or take photos

  • Import slide trace photos on the ground

  • Property loss records

  • Pay attention to the damage of related vehicles

  • Record the weather at the time of the accident.

  • Records of other conditions that may lead to accidents

  • Logos, signal lights and crosswalk records(if it is the cause of the accident or part of the scene)

  • Obtain the name and contact information of the accident witness, including telephone number, e-mail address and mailing address

Police reports of accidents are usually thorough. But you may need this information before the police report is made available to you. In addition, on-site records must be complete to avoid different views on accidents or on-site accidents. In addition, the witness left the scene before the police arrived.

If you are seriously injured in an accident, you will not be able to record the scene. If you are injured, you will also suffer more from walking. Don’t risk additional injury or pain. Call 911 for help. When the medical staff arrives, they should follow the instructions of the medical staff. If you want to be transported by ambulance or stopped by medical staff, please call someone you trust on the scene to act as a document.

Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer—

After leaving the scene of the accident, even when waiting for the police, the first reaction is to call your insurance company. But the first call is always to call an experienced lawyer. Because lawyers can help deal with insurance companies.

Insurance companies are most interested in their own profits. Because they will compensate when they compensate, the insurance company will do its best to serve its best interests before you. Lawyers can ensure that insurance companies are more willing to help others according to your requirements and what you should get after the accident.

If more than one vehicle is involved, multiple insurance companies may be involved in paying your accident claim. Such multi driver participation will lead to delay in compensation payment and transfer from one insurance company to another.

If you contact a lawyer before the insurance company, the lawyer can handle the matter for you. The personal injury law firm knows how to deal with the insurance company and its procedures, so the presence of a lawyer will help speed up your claim. As a result of cooperation with lawyers, you can also get more compensation for your injuries and losses.

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they will not be paid for their time until you are paid. When a law firm collects money for you, they will only retain the predetermined percentage of your compensation. This is very effective for most customers. Because it is an encouragement for the law firm to recover the amount from you quickly and comprehensively.

—Participate in the process with your lawyers and insurance companies—

When working with a lawyer, you still need to be involved in your case. You may need to be examined, interviewed by the police or other investigators, and faced with the insurance company. It is important to work with lawyers. Because they need you to do so. In this way, the case and your claim recovery will proceed smoothly. Some things you may not want to do, such as seeing a doctor. But these procedures are important to ensure the best results for your events and financial claims.

When the insurance company requires to provide documents or articles related to the accident, you must communicate with your lawyer and follow their instructions on how to deal with it. Although sometimes you feel sad because of what you have to do or ask for, the result will prove that your time is valuable. All participants in the claims process must work together to complete the work and return as much money as possible.