Traffic Accident Or Traffic Accident: What’s The Difference?

Traffic Accident Or Traffic Accident: What’s The Difference?

Is it a traffic accident or a traffic accident? Most people think that terms can be interchanged, and the results are the same. The vehicle collision caused casualties. Both incidents may cause damage or destruction to property and personnel and cause casualties, but accidents and conflicts are different.

Accidents and traffic accidents—

According to the dictionary, an accident is an accidental event that occurs suddenly or occasionally, leading to injury or damage. According to the dictionary, collision refers to the damage or destruction caused by striking objects with enough force. Although these definitions look similar, the dictionary implies that the accident is not anyone’s fault. Softening the language of events cannot reduce the cruel reality. Especially when someone dies.

–Conflict statistics—

The United States Department of Road Traffic Safety(NHTSA) tracks traffic accidents every year by using FARS, that is, the Death Analysis Reporting System. The latest statistics are as follows.

  • In 2014, 32675 people died in traffic accidents

  • The victims are vehicle drivers, passengers, motorcyclists and pedestrians

  • One third of deaths are caused by drunk driving

  • Distracted driving causes 10% fatal accidents

  • 2.6% of traffic accident deaths due to unconscious driving

The National Security Council also tracked vehicle crashes, showing more compelling statistics.

  • 35400 deaths in 2014

  • Alcohol causes 30.8% of deaths

  • 30% traffic accidents caused by speeding

  • 26% of traffic accidents died due to decentralized driving

—Historical background—

At the beginning of the 20th century, the term “accident” was widely used by large enterprises, referring to events related to damage, injury and death. The word “accident” means that no one has done anything wrong, so the company uses it to prevent employees from being blamed when they are injured at work. Later, the word was associated with careless drivers, who claimed that their crash was an accident, which meant they were not wrong.

When you use the word “accident”, it’s like “God made it happen”. Mark Ruskin, director of the National Road Traffic Safety Administration, said. Security advocates believe that saying that accidents, not conflicts, dilute the mistakes of those who most often cause conflicts. Another problem is that victims cannot tell their own stories after death. Only the survivor’s voice is heard. It may also be the person who caused the fall. According to Amy Cohen, co-founder of the Safe Street family, including her 12-year-old son, children who died in traffic accidents will not die in traffic accidents. She said: “Accident” means that no measures have been taken to prevent their death;

—Swap words—

Transportation and safety advocates are working to eliminate the term “accident” and use the term “conflict”. They believe that using stronger and more accurate words will help drivers master the seriousness of reckless negligence in driving. According to these changes, drivers should be aware of and acknowledge that vehicle collisions can be prevented in most cases. Advocates believe that this will affect drivers or keep their eyes fixed. They also hope that the change of the word will lead to changes in policies and help reduce traffic accidents and casualties.

The United States Department of Road Traffic Safety(NHTSA) changed the terminology in 1997. Finally, other people began to catch on. On January 1, 2016, Nevada “;” Think “;”; conflict In the legal documents and laws of many states, by doing so, people involved in the conflict are no longer assumed to be blamed by anyone after the conflict. The Ministry of Transportation of 28 states, including Arizona, officially uses the word “Brush”. Many cities have also changed their expressions. The traffic accidents in New York City in 2014 cannot be regarded as accidents. Changed the rock policy.

—What happened—

How does this happen when more than two cars collide and cause property loss and life loss? A conflict event triggered by something means that something or someone has done wrong. In a small number of cases, traffic accidents are caused by the behavior of non drivers. For example, vehicle design defects, tire blowout, animal crossing, poor road maintenance or some weather conditions. However, in most cases, human errors will lead to vehicle collisions, in which case, this is not an accident.

Human error—

As expected, human error is the main cause of traffic accidents. Over the years, more and more people have paid attention to other things, and they have to focus on the road. Other factors causing traffic accidents due to human errors include:

  • Affected start-up

  • Worry about driving(mobile phone, SMS, negligence)

  • Reckless driving(speeding, tracking, lane changing)

  • Running red lights and stop signs

  • Take a wrong turn

  • Road violence

  • Fatigue driving

—New words, same ending—

So what happens now? Word “;” Accident “;” is replaced by “”. Conflict “; however, there are still people whose cars have been destroyed, injured and killed. Just because the perpetrator of the conflict calls it an accident does not mean it is an accident. Is he texting or driving with medicine? Someone did something or made a choice that caused the fall. Someone should be responsible for their actions.

If you are injured in a traffic accident or your spouse dies in a traffic accident, please call a traffic accident lawyer. He knows how important it is to use the right words. When it comes to accidents, the responsible person may be subject to a lower standard of investigation. You should be compensated for any loss of property, medical expenses and wages. Find a lawyer. He knew that the accident did not happen by accident. He will work hard to create a fair competition environment and recover everything you have lost.