Truck Drivers Of The Future

Truck Drivers Of The Future

Everyone in the truck industry knows that the demand for drivers is increasing. According to the 2017 report of the American Trucking Association, the industry hopes to hire 900000 more drivers to meet the growing demand. According to statistics, most truck drivers are over 50 years old. The problem is that older and more experienced truck drivers have retired without sufficient successors.

The three best ways to hire millennial drivers are:

Use social media to connect with millennials

Many teams rely heavily on print magazines to recruit new drivers and disseminate industry news. Although this is very effective for older and experienced drivers, if the team manager wants to make a request to young new potential customers, they must help them; social media. 3.48 billion people now use social media. About half of US social media users are between the ages of 18 and 34. So, make sure your fleet company is active on social media, connect through social media networks, and hire millennials.

Provide free CDL training for recommended drivers

Many skilled and qualified young men and women may be rejected because of the large training costs required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Learning to drive a truck can cost as much as $8000. This may be a huge pre emptive attack on those who are just entering the workplace and looking for their first job. Automobile companies can help excellent truck driving candidates increase their opportunities to recruit new young employees by providing free CDL training.

Understand the generation gap.

Truck drivers in the past may have lived in shabby cabins and liked to eat fast food on the road, but the younger generation now pays more attention to overall physical and mental health than previous generations. Millennials eat less junk food and more fresh, less processed and less artificial food. Ergonomic mini kitchen installed on the trailer can provide the driver with a way to directly cook healthy food. Another important thing for millennials is to keep pets. In an article on Pet Product News, they focused on Packaged Facts, a department of Market Research. Com, Claims, “The millennial generation currently accounts for 31% of all pet owners, and there are 43 million pet owners between the ages of 18 and 34”; truck companies should ensure that employees have enough space to work with angry friends, and further improve the requirements for the millennial generation.

Hiring potential millennial truck drivers will help solve the driver crisis facing the country. Truck companies should be active on social media to reach out to millennials and promote their jobs. Providing free CDL training is a great motivation to encourage young people to join your team. In addition, understanding what is the most important thing for the millennial generation and making necessary changes and renovations to the cab will help to meet the millennial generation’s concerns about the truck transport industry and increase the number of truck drivers in the industry.