How Does The Flat Panel Display Work?

How Does The Flat Panel Display Work?

Let’s start from small history. Almost all car manufacturers’ advertising departments can say that their cars were born on jet planes. But usually the display is the most prominent choice, in fact, it comes from the aviation world. During the Second World War, it was registered as a trademark by the British Royal Air Force for the first time, which made it faster and easier for mosquitoes to fly at night. With the development of jet aircraft, instruments, flight computer systems and auxiliary systems have also progressed. HUD becomes important for flight. On the fighter, the enemy is on your tail. The Purpose-9 rattlesnake is preparing. All these details are in front. This could mean a loss of lifestyle and life.

What is the real function?

Your windshield is like a large display screen. The projector embedded in the dashboard will send clear images on it. The image is separated from the projector and bounced from a series of mirrors. The photo is enlarged and flipped, and the data is clearly visible in the upper right corner. By clicking the toggle switch on the control panel, you can usually adjust the position of the screen on the glass by rotating the reflection.

Some auto companies like Mazda project their head data onto small plastic windows that can be turned over, which is called a combination machine. This produces a standard image regardless of the windshield design. In addition, the number of decorative mirrors required to send images to the windshield can be significantly reduced. Many After Market displays use this combiner, which can be installed on almost any given vehicle.

What can you find?

This is your acceleration. Of course, this is the most important. There are also curves connected with ghostly arrows, which are accurately hung in your driveway. Since 1998, Corvette has provided an experienced HUD system, which shows the overall performance data of engine speed, gravity, equipment location and basic oil temperature, further enhancing the reputation of fighter pilots. Some advanced cars also have the option of night vision: the pictures used after drawing can be projected onto the windshield to avoid becoming pets.

Looking down, the producers do not simply call it a head up screen. Instead, the arrows that increase the sense of reality and the streets ahead that are full of roads provide a foolproof navigation. You will find that the speed of the vehicle in front and what is behind will be missed. Companies such as Intercontinental Group and Harman are currently playing a role in this regard.

What about takeout? If you think your car is really too old or ordinary for HUD, you should know that the cheapest HUD program on Amazon now costs only $29.99.(A five-star critic said, “Modernize your car!”, Everything except routing. Transforming your trip is easier than you think.