Control Cargo Theft.

Control Cargo Theft.

One of the biggest challenges even experienced truck drivers can experience is cargo theft. When they were on the road, they were constantly threatened by thieves and armed robbers. Most goods theft occurs during the period of entering the station and rest, and pedestrians can take advantage of this opportunity to make profits quickly. Truck drivers must be very careful and vigilant to protect their trucks and the goods they transport.

although there is no accurate guide to prevent goods from being stolen, truck drivers can use some tips and hints to ensure the safety of goods.

Commodity type:

Research shows that certain types of goods are more likely to be exposed by thieves. Whether it is scale or market value. Electronic products such as laptops and mobile phones are popular on the black market and easy to carry. Other items that are more often stolen are medicines, food, clothing and accessories. Truck drivers should be extra careful during rest and rest, and enhance safety when transporting these goods.

Pre planning

Truck drivers with long working experience know the areas to avoid when traveling. Generally speaking, many organizations also release reports and surveys on local areas and roads, which are called “hot spots” and can be used as targets for robbery and aircraft robbery. Research and study many reports to help truck drivers plan travel and rest before departure.

Employer’s Contract

Most truck companies have their own safety protocols, and every truck driver is educated and needs to adhere to them continuously. Truck transport companies also have “red zones” and “hot spots”, and they cannot let drivers rest. The red zone is usually the first 200 miles or 4 hours of travel. It depends on company standards. The hot spot is the area prone to theft and kidnapping. By following these rules and avoiding parking in hazardous areas, truck drivers can ensure the safety of goods.

Stop and interrupt the tunnel

When the truck is stationary, the possibility of goods being stolen increases. But if the traffic time is long, the truck driver needs to stop to rest, which is the opportunity for the robbers to wait. The driver suggested leaving the trailer unattended for a long time. However, if this happens, it is difficult to park the truck in a well lit area, with its back against the wall, and the thief enters the trailer. If the driver takes a rest in the truck and locks all the doors, he will not hurt the goods with them.

Utilize technology

Modern trucks are equipped with GPS tracking system. In case of more emergency, they are also equipped with ELD device, which can be used to track the movement of trucks to prevent being kidnapped. There are also entrance and exit cards, remote keys, keyboards and other entrance and exit equipment. This kind of equipment is definitely designed to cater to the truck industry. Once the goods are locked by the trailer, it is guaranteed that no one can access it without a card, key or password. With this kind of cargo protection technology, truck drivers can work at ease without fear of theft.

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific guidance on goods theft. However, by paying attention to the surrounding environment and reporting suspicious activities, drivers can greatly avoid theft opportunities by avoiding someone guarding the truck.

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