Be Careful Of Expired Tires.

Be Careful Of Expired Tires.

Do you know anyone who drives only a few miles a month and then owns his own car for more than five years? Have you or someone you know recently bought a used car of 2011 version or above? You can drive with six year old tires. Warning tire expired!

Everyone knows that your tires will wear when you drive, but did you know that the tires will break down like a gallon of milk. The tyres look very good. The tread is very thick. It may not be safe to drive. Tires are the only link between vehicles and roads. For vehicles weighing several tons, they must be able to withstand the force of acceleration, braking and turning. Old tyres break down more easily than new ones.

It is usually called the chemical process of oxidation, so tire aging is dangerous, which means that when tire parts are exposed to oxygen, oxygen particles will harden and embrittle the soft parts of the tire. As time goes by, the tire will simply break under normal pressure like an old rubber band. This process occurs naturally, so it is not important to store tires, spare tires, or wait on the shelf. In addition, tires in northern Nevada are affected by extreme sunshine, high temperature and ice, which accelerates tire damage. Once the tire starts to break, it is more likely to fail in the form of tread separation.

Most of the tyres began to deteriorate significantly about 5 years from the date of manufacture. Six years after the date of self-made manufacture, most of the tires are no longer safe on vehicles. A large number of research support tires prepared by or for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States will expire within six years. The manufacturer has recognized this, and added warnings in the owner’s manual of 2013 and newer models, which has stepped out of the small stage of reminding consumers of tire aging.

The warning said that the 2013 Jeep Owner’s Manual tire and spare tire should be replaced after 6 years, regardless of the remaining tire tread. If this warning is not observed, the tyre may suddenly break down. You may lose control, have conflicts, be seriously injured or die.

“The 2015 Ford Escape Owner’s Manual is not that terrible” Tires degrade over time, depending on a number of factors, such as weather, storage conditions, and the service conditions(load, speed, intake pressure) that the tire has experienced during its service life. Generally, tyres should be replaced after 6 years, regardless of tyre wear. However, the heat caused by hot weather or frequent high load conditions may accelerate the aging process and replace tires more frequently. The spare tire shall also be replaced when the road tire is replaced, or it is not used due to aging after 6 years;

If you or someone you know has tires that last six years, take the time to check them.

Unfortunately, there is no expiry date printed on the tire, but the word “expiry date” does appear on the tire. Date Of Birth “;. When determining the tire age of a tire, it is easy to identify the tire’s manufacturing time by reading the tire identification number. The tire identification number identifies the manufacturing location, tire size and manufacturer’s code, tire manufacturing date and year by a combination of 10, 11, or 12 letters and/or numbers of letters DOT. Starting in 2000, the tire production week and year The year is provided as the last four digits of the tire identification number, of which two digits are used to identify the week of the first two digits of the year.

Actual ID-DOT 4B 084DHR 2910

For example, a tire with the above identification number was manufactured in the week of 29/2010 or the week of 19/07/2010.

Make sure you and your spouse are safe. Check the tires to let them know that the tires have expired. Their tires may not be safe to drive, or they may be left on the roadside.