Do You Want To Know How To Adjust The Wiper Speed?

Do You Want To Know How To Adjust The Wiper Speed?

Are you still worried about how to adjust the speed of the wiper?

don’t worry.

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The car wiper is a weapon for driving in the rain lane. Driving the wiper in rainy days can remove rain and dirt on the windshield and other things that easily block your vision. Driving knows how to use the wiper, but many people do not know how to adjust the speed of the wiper. Topex can share the speed of car wipers here.

Please adjust the tips to better use the car wiper.

Basic knowledge of automobile wiper

Automobile wiper: usually consists of fast and slow continuous gears, intermittent gears and single gears. In the next heavy rain, two fast and slow continuous files are often used to facilitate intermittent files in light rain.

Generally: ① The frequency of continuous low-speed operation of the wiper is about 20-45 times/minute(3 seconds at most when the work is completed).

② The sanding frequency of high-speed documents is more than 45 times per minute.

③ The working time of intermittent wiper is generally the same as that of continuous low-speed gear, but the intermittent time increases by about 2-12 seconds.

When driving, the car owner can use the appropriate frequency according to the weather conditions.

Now many cars and wipers are equipped with Interval gears.

In fact, it doesn’t always rain heavily when you go out. If the wiper only uses two fast and slow continuous gears, it is easy to cause visual vertigo. At this time, if the wiper can work intermittently, it can not only reduce the frequent movement of the wiper caused by visual fatigue, but also ensure a clear vision and effectively reduce the wear of the wiper.

 Speed adjustment prompt of automobile wiper

When rotating the pole, it is usually set to “0”. Up “; or”; down “; specific mode.

Dialing is staggered, then dialing is slow, and the last one is fast.

You can also turn the lever downward to trigger the brush operation. There is also a knob on the wiper rod, which is the intermittent speed control knob of the wiper. The speed control knob generally has several gears. When the steel wire rope is on the spacer gear, the frequency(speed) of the steel wire rope is gradually changed through the knob. In this way, it is easy to find a suitable intermittent frequency when dealing with different rainfall conditions.

There are many models of intermittent wipers with adjustable speed. You can observe the car under the wipers. The operating procedures are basically the same. Some models only provide interval gears that cannot adjust the speed. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you should consider when to use the car. In addition, some models use a combination of wiper cross speed, and some models use a rain sensor and wiper cross speed linkage mechanism. These models generally have no cross(automatic gear) that can adjust the wipers, so owners should pay more attention when driving.

The wiper speed can be easily obtained by adjusting the wiper speed on the speed dial!

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