Rental Car Door-To-Door

Rental Car Door-To-Door

Access Rent a Car is a car rental company located in Vancouver, which provides high-quality customer service at a very competitive price. We provide service almost 24 hours a day in the designated overnight parking lot, and customers can return their cars conveniently at any time except during business hours.

What do I need to rent a car?

  • No matter which country it is

  • But we may need a passport to get a non English driver’s license.

Additional licensing information:

  • You can rent a car with a temporary permit, but you must have proper certificates and ID cards with photos.

  • You can use an expired license to borrow a rental car, but there must be a document stating that you are currently obtaining a new license.

  • You can rent a car with a limited license plate, but you must be accompanied by an experienced driver during the rental period.

  • We have seven kinds of licenses. Put it on the back of all vehicles with “N” driver’s logo.

Car rental process

If you need a specific vehicle, you can book it online. There is no need to pay a deposit when making an appointment, but in order to ensure the appointment, the payment information must be entered in the appointment form. We accept all major credit cards(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover and JCB) and all debit cards from Interac.

Once you rent a car, the daily driving distance is limited to 300 kilometers. In addition, it must be aware that the rental of vehicles does not include fuel costs. If you plan to use a rental car outside of British Columbia, you can only move to the licensed area according to the permission of Access Rent A Car.

If it is necessary to cancel the vehicle at any time before renting, it is required to give a notice at least 48 hours in advance from the scheduled pickup time of standard size vehicles. SUVs, minivans and winter/snowmobiles must be given a notice 7 days in advance to avoid cancellation costs. Those who fail to make an appointment will be charged full rent.

Other facts to know

  • You can rent a car with a credit/debit card, or let others become additional drivers. However, if you drive a vehicle without permission, you will be charged a rent of CAD 0.50 for each kilometer you drive.

  • You can rent a car for road test.

Access Rent a Car is the preferred car rental service in Vancouver, providing various vehicles from compact to small van to meet the travel requirements. We not only provide cars, but also provide scooters, bicycles and other means of transportation. Call us today to learn more!