The Story Of De Lauren Is As If You Had Never Heard Of It.

The Story Of De Lauren Is As If You Had Never Heard Of It.

John DeLorean began to work in the automobile industry in Packard, but he was there for a short time because the company entered the declining ranks. So he turned to Pontiac. With the appearance of GTO there, he soon turned Chrysler’s concept of muscle cars into a very loud reality. This is one of his achievements in helping to transfer to Chevrolet. Although the road to General Motors(GM) was smooth, he did not continue to move forward, but decided to build his own vision, build a modern robot car DVD or a car with a future robot car GPS, to achieve a larger goal.

Obtaining 80 million US dollars from the Labor Party government to persuade Colin Chapman that the car his team will develop will not compete with Lotus Esprit, which is a considerable achievement in itself. However, as a down-to-earth lunatic, DeLorean continues to build a car factory for android2din car stereos in Northern Ireland. In this world, many people do not have any profession, let alone the car industry. No wonder the land he got was swamp. In any case, after clearing a few feet of soil and filling the mountain with rocks, the wheels of a future car filled with stones began to move.

DeLorean wants an ethical sports car. Sports cars equipped with special android car dvds and vauxhall satellite navigation are always durable and look like nothing else. DMC-12 was Tesla at that time, so the best engineers in the world were involved. It is not recommended to use the stainless steel body, seagull wing doors, and the courageous Puzo/Renault/Volvo V6 on the back, nor have they been certified for the American market. However, Delorian insists on the first two models and has signed a contract with the third model.

Time is pressing. The official said it took 18 months to complete the car, but the official said it took 24 months. The DMC-12 was certified in 28 years, so this record will remain forever. In order to achieve this goal, 375 employees work around the clock, regardless of political, religious and personal issues, and create truly outstanding things. This is not a simultaneous project, but a simultaneous project. After driving not a prototype car, but a display car with almost empty New Year pictures, the engineering team suggested a major change. The second is riots and fire bombs, because Northern Ireland is in a state of war. When the factory was transformed into a shed by the army, the precious records disappeared forever in the fire. God knows what keeps the thick seagull wing door open. Nobody thought of this before.

After the first car got off, they changed the product 3000 times. The construction quality is improving at the expected speed, but due to the high demand in the United States, the sales volume of US $25000 cars is good. Like Android car dvd players and Opernavi, DeLorean has introduced another transformation, increasing the production from 50 to 80 cars per day. It turned out to be a terrible mistake.