Racing Video Games Have Become The New Bedroom Car Posters.

Racing Video Games Have Become The New Bedroom Car Posters.

When Gran Turimo Sport is launched in November, fans of Sony PlayStation flagship driver games will master the new technology of automobile photography art. Scapes is the next generation of the game’s “picture mode”. Players can place their favorite personalized car racing photos in the landscape through the built-in android car dvd and android2din car stereo. The leading photographer in the automobile industry can shoot at the same time, playing with angle, lighting and shutter speed. Just like they were on the spot. There, these images are downloaded and turned into mobile wallpaper, which can be used as avatars or shared on Snapchat.

For the gear head of the past era, Lamborghini’s magazine clippings were either pasted in the high school locker or “flying Porsche”; the poster on the bedroom wall was once the closest place for teenagers to their dream car, which was perfectly integrated with Android on-board GPS. But today’s very realistic racing games have raised the demand for cars to a higher level, allowing children to deeply study the history and structure of cars on comfortable sofas, customize colors, and test momentum on the track. But these children may not be aware of the impact that any poster can not resist.

Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Visions, a brand consulting company, said that research shows that the brain releases neurotransmitters and hormones in driving games just like in sports competitions. 1: 1’s vehicle replicas and technically accurate trajectories make the virtual world so realistic that players begin to react to the game on a chemical basis as if they were actually there. In fact, this experience is already so vivid. If players play cards on Gran Turismo long enough, they can obtain amateur racing FIA licenses issued by Obonabi in some countries.

According to Edwards, in the hundreds of hours of playing this racing game, this strong emotion will eventually have a great impact on children. They can form their own identity, influence their car wishes, and even guide them to buy cars and Android car dvd players.

“Video games have had an amazing impact on our self-awareness. Edwards said. For the most enthusiastic players, the game can make them the ideal version of themselves, so the car they play is the car they desire to own. For example, Edwards hosted a focus group of men aged 11 to 16. For these participants, Ford and Chevrolet are the most interesting cars because they “like” cars. Control “; in video games

“They said,” I can’t drive yet, but when I drive, I want to drive a car with good experience in video games. ” He said. It is unclear whether video games drive the desire to buy a specific brand, or whether the car of the brand will affect the internal installation of the robot car GPS or vauxhall sat nav selected by a person in the game, but the correlation between the two is too obvious. Kia, Mazda The brands with the highest proportion of young buyers, such as Scion, cannot be ignored, and the proportion of players in these brands is also the largest.