Can Buick Attract Young Buyers?

Can Buick Attract Young Buyers?

Buick said that at present, the average age of LaCrosse’s customer base is about 60 years old. According to research companies AutoPacific Inc. and Strategic Vision, the average age is about 70. In any case, Buick would like to persuade the fashionable car redesigned when the car entered the showroom this month. This car has a lot of connections, built-in car DVD player, Android car audio and sports experience of large cars.

The stakes are not as high as they were a few years ago. At that time, LaCrosse was the best brand of Buick. This difference currently appears in the NCORE super small cross-border. This car almost surpassed the 3 to 1 large sedan in the 7 months of this year. This shows how consumers’ tastes are attracted by multi-function, SUV like body style or intelligent robot car GPS.

Nevertheless, the owners of Hyundai LaCrosse, who began to sell in 2009, are still “looking for other experts”. Aida Sedan” They are committed to this field; last month, Molly Peck, the marketing director of Buick, told reporters in a media interview in LaCross. Peck said that Buick hopes that it can retain 350000 people with a new generation of LaCrosse to meet the needs of owners of other large cars, including Toyota Avalon, Chrysler 300, Lexus ES350 and Lincoln MKS. They all have car DVD players and General Motors(GM) navigation systems.

Buick is betting on the sophistication and refinement of the interior. Ron Arnesen, the chief engineer of General Motors(GM), called the redesigned county month “county month”. The quietest Buick in history is “also convex”; the console with a floating electronic shifter releases the storage space below and massages the seat at the highest decoration level. The connection function supports 4G LTE wireless Internet, Apple car DVD, Android car GPS, and the latter supports Google Maps, handsfree SMS and other functions.

Arnesen is responsible for several medium-sized and large car projects of General Motors(GM), and he believes that the sales of large cars will “decline”. Stable “; gasoline price rise may rebound. However, if this segment continues to be depressed, competitors may decide to give up.

Arnesen said that Junyue was designed to be more interesting than most large cars. Standard 5-link rear hover and GM navigation system. “High performance column front suspension system reduces torque on higher interior decoration”; if they go out; he said: “Our plan is to leave the best car on the best car DVD.