The Future Design Innovation And Simplicity Of Citroen

The Future Design Innovation And Simplicity Of Citroen

We think that the car design is too complicated and excessive. Cactus M is about pure spirit. All the oldest Setron have romantic feelings: 2CV, M é hari, DS, car DVD, robot car GPS. This is what we want to get back from here.

Cars are becoming more and more complex. yes. But don’t think everyone wants more small things. My young designer in his twenties bought cars from the 1980s and 1990s in his spare time, such as the Porsche 944. They like simple happiness. After adding security functions and other technologies to the product line, the vehicle mounted dvd player must run smoothly in the background.

We designed Cactus M around the lifestyle of surfers. We talk to real surfers, who like symbolic products, such as Volkswagen Combi and our ancient M é hari beach car. But why should modern cars not be integrated into people’s lifestyle? I hope we can provide general navigation for more market segments in the future. In this way, customers do not have to go to Thule and other after-sales suppliers to carry surfboards and bicycles. We must meet the requirements of our customers.

Air pump is an example of the cooperation between design and engineering. The modeling team initially proposed this concept, but did not know how it worked in production. It could have been inflatable or special material. But engineers left it to work. People like or hate Airbump. We will continue to develop technologies including android on-board gps, but it will not appear on all new setron cars. That’s too much difference.

We like to push the design to the limit, but we must be constrained by the economic reality. Headlights are a good example. We can do some amazing things with LED lights, but one LED light costs more than six bulbs. It would be pointless to design a car whose retail price could be increased by 500 euros.

Innovation is all about Citrant. DS and Traction Avant are both famous for breaking the limit, and are one of the first cars to use a single cabinet chassis. It is 200-300 kg lighter than its competitors. This is the real innovation.

Saint Laurent can still build luxury cars with the most advanced Android car stereos. This is just another way of saying it. It can rest like a yacht. This is the French definition of luxury. It will be very different from Germany’s advanced approach. According to our ongoing projects, we sometimes ask the Saint Laurent Heritage team to take the spheres with car dvd players from our back list. We can’t drive them, but they do spend time in our studio. There is no greater inspiration. ”