Whose Insurance Pays For Car Rental Accidents?

Whose Insurance Pays For Car Rental Accidents?

For vacation, personal needs or business travel, car rental can provide convenience and comfort for the travel schedule. This kind of travel is full of excitement, such as going to a new place to temporarily leave your desk and do new things. But driving a taxi is responsible. Even the best driver will have accidents.

—In case of car rental accident, whose insurance is responsible for compensating the loss—

Car rental companies usually ask renters if they need option insurance. Most tenants do not hesitate to reject this policy unless their state requires it. After all, if you only have a few days’ car, what is the probability of an accident?

Unfortunately, when you have a taxi, it is very likely that an accident will occur. Many people face the fear of such an accident. Their first idea is often that I should buy rental insurance. “This additional policy is to protect consumers in car rental accidents. It prevents these consumers from assuming liability through personal insurance policies.

You may think that the possibility of car rental accident is very small, but you should choose to buy car rental insurance at the counter. This insurance is usually only a few dollars a day, but it does provide shelter after a traffic accident. In this case, although it is supported, the car rental insurance policy is the minimum. If an accident occurs due to the obvious negligence of the car rental driver, there are several restrictions.

As uninsured driver, operate car rental—

If you choose to refund the taxi insurance policy, your insurance provider will be responsible for the damage to the rental car. It’s like driving your own car when an accident happens. However, if the driver does not drive his own vehicle, the insurance company will sometimes exclude insurance. Fortunately, only a few states allow this exclusion.

If you were born in a state where only drivers driving their own private cars are allowed to be covered by the insurance policy, you refuse the selective insurance policy of the car rental company. What if you have an accident in a car rental that is not insured? In essence, you become an uninsured driver. The other side of the accident must pay the initial cost according to its own insurance policy as part of the uninsured driver insurance. However, due to the conflict, the insurance company will be sued to compensate for the loss of the guarantee.

—Use credit card insurance in car rental accidents—

It’s scary to realize that you are an uninsured driver in a car rental accident. In this case, there are other security methods. In other words, many credit card companies insure vehicles borrowed with credit cards. This automatic allowance may be realized when you need it badly.

If you use this credit card to pay for car rental, you will be very lucky. Even if the credit card company gives up the optional insurance at the car rental service desk and your insurance policy and refuses to claim, the credit card company can also provide the insurance coverage you need.

When the credit card used for full rent cannot be paid, another possible way of support is the homeowner’s policy. Sometimes, these policies will increase benefits that homeowners cannot realize. One of the benefits may be car rental accident insurance. It sounds far fetched, but your insurance policy may include car rental insurance clauses.

—At the time of the car rental accident—

If an accident occurs during the rental process, follow the same initial stage as when the accident occurred.

  • First, please make sure that customers, passengers and other drivers are not injured.

  • If necessary, request emergency medical support

  • Please call the police and provide the police report of the accident according to the opinion of the law enforcement authorities on the scene.

  • Please contact the insurance company to inform the accident.

  • Call the car rental company and tell them that their car had an accident.

Most car rental companies will provide a list of who to call in case of a taxi accident and what to do on site. These checklists are usually attached in the vehicle or on the glove box and other vehicle documents. You can also view the lease strategy or the lease strategy manual package to view possible information, customer service phone numbers, and other required details.

When a car rental accident occurs, you’d better contact a lawyer. Shanghai lawyers can help with the accident reporting stage, insurance claim process, and transactions with car rental organizations. Having a lawyer around not only makes it easier to accept your experience, but also reassures you when your best interests are protected.