Brief Comments: Puzo 5008 And Skoda Kodiak

Brief Comments: Puzo 5008 And Skoda Kodiak

Puzo 5008 is a popular supplement to the Australian SUV market segment. The rich functional packages, European styles and a wide range of standard equipment have won many Australian fans for the brand in a short time. But in order to gain greater market share, the French carmaker must obtain sales from other brands. Cisco is another emerging brand here, and recently entered the market dominated by Japanese and Korean cars. Let’s take a closer look at what these two models can offer and their advantages in the competition.

Puzo 5008

The Puzo 5008 2018 version is equipped with a 2.0L engine, which only powers the front wheels. But this SUV has achieved impressive performance on the engine with a very lightweight engineering design. The available torque is 400N meters(the same as the adjustable rod), and the power is 133kW. This is an amazing power to weight ratio. You can’t find it anywhere else in the class. The 5008 has a city friendly appearance, pays attention to driving dynamics, and provides driving experience that is different from that of competitors. The 5008 is sometimes too calm to remember driving a seven person SUV. The top GT models equipped with panoramic line loops and heated Nappa seats provide additional comfort.

Scott Kodiak

Great SUV with petrol and diesel versions. It’s worth the time. Sportline conversion is probably the most valuable product with a list of options. The engine is a 2.0 litre unit with a power of 140 kW and a torque of 400 Nm. Pearl effect paint is supplied with luxury and technology package. These options have increased a lot, but the premium paid to underfunded people may be too high. In a word, this is a reliable product provided by Cisco, which will definitely further improve its brand reputation.


Skoda Kodiaq is a sturdy SUV, but a lot of additional equipment needs to be purchased to match the standard equipment installed on the Puzo 5008. The 5008 provides more for SUV drivers who want to have better driving performance and different vision.

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