What Does The Engine Inspection Of Puzo 308 Mean?

What Does The Engine Inspection Of Puzo 308 Mean?

The Puzo 308 is a car with excellent design and technology, and you will be confident to drive it. However, modern cars have a high level of technology, including mechanical, electrical and electronic components that need to be coordinated. As with complex equipment, problems often occur. Therefore, we recommend that customers have regular maintenance, which will find small problems early and avoid more expensive maintenance costs later. The first symptom of the problem may be the engine check lamp, but what does this mean?

Engine check lamp

This is an instrument panel warning lamp that is easily misunderstood. If you do not have a mechanical tilt, the lighting of this lamp will soon cause an alarm, but it is important not to overreact. This does not necessarily mean that there is a serious problem. In fact, the engine warning check lamp may light up in different ways to highlight a particular problem. If you understand the working principle of the warning lamp, you can give you a clue to be reassured when driving. The engine warning indicator is fixed or flashing for other reasons.

Stable lighting

If the light is stable, it means that the problem is not serious. There is no other warning light or strange engine noise. You can keep driving for a period of time. If you see the engine temperature, it looks good. Next time you have a chance, arrange inspection. A stable warning light is a good signal that the engine does not burn fuel normally. In this case. The main reasons for sulfur generation are:

Oxygen sensor fault.

The fuel cap is loose.

The=; plug must be replaced.

Flashing light

This is a more serious warning. Unburned fuel may be discharged into the exhaust gas, which will damage the catalytic converter. When the engine inspection warning lamp flashes, reduce the power, go home or be careful of the nearest garage. This car should be checked immediately, It is not safe to drive during this period. The technician will check the engine with a diagnostic scanner to confirm what is wrong and perform some troubleshooting.

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