Learn About Masda CX

Learn About Masda CX

When they consider Mazda CX-5, Perth based drivers are easily overwhelmed by the initials of the three characters. This is true of all modern car manufacturers. Modern cars have many technologies, and it is difficult to understand what half of these things have done. This article introduces in detail the emergency brake assist system(EBA) installed on Mazda vehicles and how to improve driving experience.

What is EBA?

In the past 10 years, almost all cars have some form of EBA technology. Many drivers may need to brake very quickly to prevent pedestrians or other vehicles from turning into their roads, because EBA is a place to help. The system is specifically designed to detect when a driver is attempting to stop in an emergency. In the automotive industry, this is sometimes referred to as emergency parking or panic parking. This concept began in 1992, when Mercedes Benz found that almost all drivers did not apply enough force to the brake when braking hard. A system has been developed to detect the speed and force exerted on the brake pedal over time. This allows the system to recognize the emergency stop status and apply additional force before the ABS system starts. This is important. Because the last thing you need for an emergency stop is to hold the wheels.

Is EBA related to AEB?

Many drivers confuse these two terms for obvious reasons, which may lead to considerable confusion. Automatic Emergency Braking(AEB) and EBA are meaningless. It is worth noting that EBA is not a real anti-collision system like AEB. EBA relies heavily on the driver’s input in order to start the appropriate brake assistance response with the collision detection program. In addition, AEB is an automatic braking system using detection technology, which can detect the impact of collision that should be avoided or minimized.

EBA proliferation

In 1996, Mercedes Benz first introduced the EBA system to the market in the S-Class sedan series and SL sports cars. Until 1998, they had added this technology to their ranks, and as time went by, other automobile manufacturers followed suit. In fact, by 2009, all vehicles sold in Europe must be equipped with EBA system as part of the standard equipment. With the development of EBA technology and its wide use in the world, our cars are not so safe when emergency braking.

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