Stealing Tailgate: Who Steals?

Stealing Tailgate: Who Steals?

In 1993, I bought a new Ford F250 PU truck. I was working overtime as a policeman in downtown Portland, Oregon, and I parked my truck on the street next to the city government. The next morning, when I got off work, I walked a few blocks, just got on the truck, and started driving home. A few blocks later, I happened to glance in the rearview mirror, and my back door disappeared. I think my back door must be at the bottom. So I tried to stop and walk behind the truck. To my surprise, I found my back door missing. Someone stole my back door! Needless to say, I was shocked and angry. Who on earth stole the back door?

Finally, I bought a new tailgate and found out how expensive the aftermarket tailgate is. I think I bought a new tailgate for about 800.00 dollars. Then I have to paint it to match my truck. Now it will cost more to replace a similar tailgate. In order to avoid this happening again, we have carried out some exercises and design methods. Finn: “; fix the back door on my lid with a lock, making it difficult for anyone to steal my back door again. Yes, I have considered American theft recently.”

As a private investigator and security consultant in Portland, Oregon, I was asked to investigate various burglaries. Theft investigation and security measures consultation to prevent theft are the majority of my work. When I received a call from a parking lot sales manager asking me to investigate the theft of the back door of the parking lot, I pricked up my ears. Is the thief still stealing the back door? Yes, they are. Maybe it’s worse now than ever! In recent years, thieves all over the country have held real tail chasing parties.

American theft is a great cause of the Crook people.

Many car owners do not report the theft to the police or insurance companies, so no one knows exactly how many back doors of trucks are stolen every year. For example, when I was stolen, I called the police but did not file an insurance claim. Because it will increase my insurance premium. I just said: Suck it “;” Back door replacement costs are paid at your own expense. But the best statistics available are from the National Insurance Crime Bureau(NICB). They track insurance policies and report that claims related to theft pickup tailgate have increased in recent years.

although their statistics are correct, NICB admits that there may be more tailgates stolen than are known. In a report on the theft of American, the National Intelligence Agency “; please note that the figures in this report reflect insurance claims and do not represent actual theft. In addition, some theft may be omitted due to the method used to identify details of theft. In addition, for many reasons, victims without theft choose not to submit insurance claims. Many victims choose.” This theft insurance may not be available, and some people believe that making a claim will affect their future premium. The deductible of others may be higher than the replacement cost.

The victim suffered heavy losses due to the theft of American articles!

Because most tailgate replacement costs more than $2000.00(the cost will be higher if the truck has customized painting), tailgate theft is an expensive crime, and most tailgates are designed to be easy to disassemble, so it is very complex. Some of the latest trucks have tailgate locks installed at the factory to prevent the tailgate from simply lifting off the truck, but many are not. As the name implies, a simple liar can remove the tailgate from a truck and leave in less than a minute!

Where did most of the theft take place?

American larceny took place throughout the United States. No area can be avoided. Even in small cities such as Shawnee, Kansas, and Milwaukee, Oregon, “tailgate theft” is on the increase. However, according to NICB, the upstream shares(ranking order) are as follows:






Among these states, the city where Tigate steals the most is Houston, Texas, followed by San Antonio, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, and Fresno, California.

Denver Colorado and some other cities have seen an increase in American theft cases. The police have issued tips on how to make it difficult for thieves to steal your American.

Effective preventive measures

Second hand tailgate has a large after-sales market. As long as the thief steals the back door easily, the theft will continue. Fortunately, preventive measures are simple, effective and relatively expensive, but they are useless unless they are often used in practice.

This includes:

Please lock it. If the truck has a built-in rear door lock, use it. If your truck doesn’t have a back door lock, buy one. There are several different varieties available online or in auto product stores.

parking. If you can park your truck in the garage, do it every time. If possible, consider parking the rear of the truck as close to the wall as possible. His behavior will make it harder for thieves to bypass the back of the truck and remove the back door.

Etching. The vehicle identification number(VIN) of the truck is engraved on the rear door. This will help restore and prevent theft in the first place.

If you don’t have a truck, you may think that all this information is not applicable to you. “You are right, but the back door theft increases everyone’s insurance premiums.” Even if you absolutely can’t own a truck, everyone should keep their eyes open. If you see someone unloading the back door from the truck, please look again. Perhaps… you are witnessing a crime in progress.