Scoda Vision X Concept Highlights The Potential Of New Scoda Models In 2018 And Beyond

Scoda Vision X Concept Highlights The Potential Of New Scoda Models In 2018 And Beyond

The Outlook X concept car has been officially unveiled in Geneva by Skoda, and will have a great impact on Skoda’s new models in the next few years. This concept is characterized by the company’s pioneering hybrid system, including gasoline, electricity and natural gas power.


The appearance of Vision X has obvious family resemblance to the new Scoda model. Vision X seems to be a new attempt at Kodiaq and Karoq design languages. This is obviously intentional. Because this concept is a preview of the production SUV, it will be under these two models. Vision X is 1807 mm wide and 4255 mm deep, the same proportion as Volkswagen Tiroc.

The compact ratio of Cisco to this model; determinants “; but Skoda’s grill and backlight badge, capable of separate headlight design eye-catching.

There are Vision X avant-garde LED tail lights and solid diffusers on the back, and front indicator lights in the appearance of Audi.

Under the engine cover

The appearance below the cabinet is more impressive than the amazing appearance of Vision X. This is a hybrid system concept, including 2 electric motors, compressed air tanks, and a 1.5-litre conventional internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine is adjusted according to CNG. The front wheel output power of Vision X is 96 kW, and the torque is 200 W. Skoda advocates that compared with the existing gasoline powered vehicles, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 25%, and harmful particles are also reduced.

Running Iskoda with sustainable energy fuels will help further reduce well to wheel emissions. This allows the vehicle to achieve 100% carbon neutralization under the correct conditions.

The rear axle is connected with a motor, which can provide power up to 2km without exhaust. If the rear wheel needs to provide 1000 mm of torque and the front axle needs to provide an additional 70 mm of torque, there is a second starter generator.

The system provides a speed of 0-100km in 9.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 200km/h to provide greater traction. Skoda claims that Vision X has a range of 650km.

Outlook X is an interesting new concept, which provides excellent insight into the potential Cisco Daxin model in the future. If you want to know more about Scoda’s new model, launch in 2018 and current product line, please call us. Our salespeople are happy to answer any questions about Skoda, model specifications and current transactions.