Scoda’s New Accessory: The Difference Between Standard And High-Performance Air Filters

Scoda’s New Accessory: The Difference Between Standard And High-Performance Air Filters

Scott’s air intake system is designed to remove potentially harmful debris or dirt to prevent damage to the engine. This is achieved by using an attractor in the box on the left or right side of the engine room. The service life of the air filter is limited, so when purchasing replacement parts, you should consider whether it is a standard filter or a high-performance filter.

Performance Filter Type

There are usually two types of air filters. These products are usually sold as “products”. High flow “; or”; “High performance” is said to improve fuel economy and power performance. Unfortunately, there are few authentic Skoda parts, which are strictly the choice of the after-sales market. You can choose ordinary cotton screen or dry paper filter. The main differences between these types of filters are related to the materials used in construction.

The hairdryer filter is designed to install Skoda’s gas holder to reduce airflow restrictions. Although easy to install, it usually requires more frequent replacement than standard filters.

Cotton mesh filter has been used since 1960s. In order to allow better engine airflow, a fine cotton layer sandwiched between gauze is used. The filter is coated with a thin layer of special oil to capture small particles passing through the filter for proper filtration. These filters are cleaned, lightly oiled to remove trapped particles, and then reinstalled on the vehicle for a longer design life. Unfortunately, if too much oil is added, the oil will fall off and pull to the air inlet, polluting other engine components, including the air flow meter or throttle.

Do you need a performance filter?

If you need to replace the air filter, you can choose high-performance filters, but it is important that most high-performance filters are sold as non brand accessories after sales. It is best to choose genuine Nova Scotia accessories designed specifically for your vehicle. Cisco’s original parts have been manufactured to the same manufacturer’s standards, so you can rest assured of quality and longevity. In fact, if you choose to install Biscoda parts, the warranty may be damaged. Therefore, before considering the installation of performance filters, it is recommended to consult with Cisco service technicians to help determine the most appropriate components for vehicle safety and performance.

Please contact us for more information about Scoda’s new parts and components. We have a complete after-sales team that can answer any questions you have about Cisco products at any time, and provide the best original parts of Cisco for your vehicle.