Tips For Driving An Automatic Skodapavia Trailer

Tips For Driving An Automatic Skodapavia Trailer

Automatic driving has become the most popular choice in the Australian car market. However, considering that when selling Skoda Pavia, you may not realize that the wrong use will cause expensive damage. Although automatic transmission has developed a lot in recent years, its repair cost is still high. Here are the best skills to help you drive your car correctly.

Complete parking before selecting parking lot

The most serious damage to the automatic transmission of Skodapavia trailer is stopping in the parking lot before completely stopping. This is where breakpoints need to be used. Because the parking toenail using the transmission tries to stop the moving vehicle, the broken fragments of the vehicle in the mechanism will circulate in the transmission, causing unspeakable damage. Instead, use the foot brake to stop the vehicle, set the hand brake, and then select the parking gear of the transmission.

Parking is not a parking brake.

There is a reason why your vehicle is equipped with a handbrake. This prevents the wheels from turning and prevents Fabia from rolling. Your transmission parking gear is not designed for this stress. It’s like trying to put the weight of a car on your finger. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful brake, please use it.

Do not change direction until it stops completely.

Only when it stops completely can it switch between forward gear and reverse gear. Relying on the transmission to use the opposite electric charge will damage the clutch and belt, causing expensive damage. Always use the breakpoint to stop completely and then select a new gear ratio. Otherwise, the vehicle may fail.

Don’t leave the light empty when it is on.

If your approach light is on, there is really no reason to switch to blank space. The motor stops the engine drive and does not require manual operation. When you think of footsteps, keeping the car running can also reduce the pressure and force of the starting motor. In addition, avoid sliding on neutral gear. Some drivers try to do this to save fuel, but it can be dangerous. It will weaken the ability to accelerate quickly, and even cause the brake to weaken.

Fill the accelerator!

If you start moving when you are stationary, you must use the light accelerator pedal to roll Fabia. Do not apply pressure suddenly, because it will cause damage. Do not accelerate the engine in neutral gear. Select “Drive” and step on the accelerator pedal to ensure smooth and safe driving.

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