How To Clean New Puzo 2008

How To Clean New Puzo 2008

For many of us, investing in the new Puzo 2008 is a huge cash outlay. Many people already know. For most people, cars are only the second largest consumption after home. Therefore, the investment shall be protected as much as possible through regular maintenance and timely maintenance. But one aspect that some people neglect is the cleaning and maintenance of the car body. Car paint is easy to damage, and the book value will lose thousands of dollars. One of the best ways to keep the paint in the best condition is to wash the car properly.

Before you start

First of all, you need a flat area that can work in the shadow. You need enough space to clean the car and open the door at the same time. A hose with a variable nozzle will be convenient. A pair of buckets, microfiber, a wheel brush, a good car washing formula, and one or two automatic towels for drying. A kitchen paper, some window cleaners and a bag of electrostatic cloth on the car window are very convenient. Indoor, you need a vacuum cleaner with extension cord and hose accessories. Many people like to wear rubber gloves to keep their hands clean and dry.

Sweep wheels

Wheels are generally the dirtiest. Cleaning them first can prevent brake dust from spreading to other clean parts of the car. Wipe the rollers with a roller brush and soapy water, and fine treat and dry them with a separate microfiber. If the wheels are too dirty, the spray type wheel cleaner formula can be used to crush the black dust.

Car Wash

When the cleaner and water are dried in the sun, the car must be washed in a cool place to avoid spots. From the beginning of cleaning, soft dirt enters the paint surface to prevent the paint surface from scratching. Prepare a bucket of soap cleaner according to the instructions on the product label to thoroughly clean the car. Clean down from the roof, treat each panel as a separate part, and continue moving when finished. Clean hinges and door frames, and don’t forget to soak soap on the surface for a few minutes. Flush the car with a high-pressure hose until there is no soap or dirty water. Then carefully wipe it with microfiber. If the car still looks dirty, please repeat the process until it is cleaned, and add wax for further protection.

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