Learn Why The Puzo 5008 Is The Perfect Home Vehicle

Learn Why The Puzo 5008 Is The Perfect Home Vehicle

When it comes to family cars, it cannot surpass the luxury and performance of the Puzo 5008. This cutting-edge 7-seat SUV design meets the highest standard of monotony and provides excellent driving experience. With fashionable and elegant design, intuitive driving technology and powerful performance, the 5008 will provide everything for you and your family.

Excellent modular layout

For the Fujo 5008, the modular layout is easy to use, so it is easy to get a seven seat layout. If you sit in the second row, you can adjust it longitudinally to give yourself more leg space, or tilt the seat backward. Even in the third row, there is enough leg space and head space, so don’t worry. The seven seats are independent and comfortable for everyone. Even better, if a third seat is not needed, it can be removed to provide more space.

Sufficient boot space

If you have a family, the boot space is always very high. Of course, the 5008 can provide it. With the lowering of the third row, there is an incredible 952 liters of space to play. After the third row is completely removed, there is more space. When large items need to be carried, the second row of seats can be folded flat, and the front passenger seat can also fold longer items. Are you worried that you will have enough money to unload? Don’t do like that! Because of the sensor under the rear bumper, the 3008 has a handle free electric tailgate.

Easy connectivity

If you want to enjoy as much entertainment as possible when you have family in the car, 3008 can certainly provide it. The mirror screen ® features(including Apple CarPlay) ™, mirror link ® and Android Auto technologies can access some functions of smartphones in 8.0 “. The capacitive touch screen. Compatible smartphones can also use the charging pad, just put the machine in the charging space. Easy.

Highest level of security

“When you are on the road, you are a family, and safety is the most important.” Therefore, every 5008 includes 3 Isofix points and 6 airbags, full curtains and tire pressure sensors. In order to reassure people, the automatic emergency braking system will also be equipped with standard functions including pedestrian detection, driver attention reminder, distance reminder, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, recommendation system, etc.

If you are interested in Puzo 5008 SUV, you can come to Puzo in Perth to experience it. When talking about the Puzo brand, we are proud of our knowledge and experience, and our team is looking forward to introducing our amazing model series to you. Dell also provides professional services and genuine accessories to help you stay elegant.

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