Advice On Driving New Subaru Levorg During Pregnancy

Advice On Driving New Subaru Levorg During Pregnancy

If you want your family to become a new member, you may consider selling the new Subaru Levog. This is a good family car, which is very suitable for daily life. But before driving, you should know the best way to drive when you are pregnant, so that you and the unborn baby can be comfortable and safe.

The dilemma between comfort and safety

Once it reaches 30 weeks, driving will be a real challenge. When the boat bulges, reaching the control point can be a problem. Especially when you are small. Although it may be tempting to skip the seat belt, several countries, including Japan, Greece and Italy, allow it. However, expert studies and suggestions show that it is much safer to exercise restraint. When a conflict occurs, fasten your seat belt. You and your child will be safer than hitting the steering wheel. Wearing the seat belt will certainly help, but it may be dangerous if it is not adjusted properly. The belt should be placed under the buttocks to avoid damaging the baby’s own nature cannon in case of an accident. If the belt is uncomfortable, it should be tucked under the arm and cross hung on one shoulder to avoid pulling it with the baby’s abdomen.

Airbag handling

All new vehicles sold in Australia need to be fitted with airbags. The passenger airbag is much larger than the driver’s airbag, so you should sit farther back. On the driver’s seat, the distance between the steering wheel edge and the body shall be at least 20 cm. You should tilt the steering wheel from your body to your face.

Dealing with long distance travel

It is good to avoid long-distance travel during pregnancy, but if it is not possible, there are ways to deal with it. In order to maintain comfort, the seat position should be adjusted regularly to confirm whether the lumbar setting supports the spine and whether the head pillow is behind the neck and head. To improve support, bring a cushion at home to keep you comfortable. In order to prevent the ankle from swelling again, you should rest regularly so that your legs can be straightened.

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