I’ll Take You To The Future

I’ll Take You To The Future

Security and convenience can be added to almost all vehicles.

Today’s cars are full of safety features, but before you have a chance to break into your own car, the new car is being built, and it has more gadgets than previous cars. Don’t misunderstand me. I like to find the next cookies to add, but they come at a cost.

Some of you have the ability to choose vehicles that fit you like my father and drive them until the wheels fall off. You can drive hundreds of thousands of miles in a car and be as happy as the day you bought it. When you see a new car driving on the road, you will be happy to know the price they paid for the new car and the money you saved.

I’m seriously thinking, why?

I really don’t need a smartphone to connect to Bluetooth. Most Android radios today can be connected to any device that supports Bluetooth. However, if you use the money saved by purchasing a smartphone, now you want to make full use of Bluetooth through the Handsfree currency option owned by others. Then you will find that the playlist of your favorite songs can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Now I need a radio that can play songs in the car. Most importantly, the new smartphone has GPS navigation, but uses data. None of these features have a backup camera.

How can I get all these functions on the vehicle and purchase an after-sales service radio at a reasonable price without having to trade or spend a lot of money on the upgraded radio? There are all kinds of radios on the market. Some are lower than the average car payment, while others are as much as the average mortgage. We chose the one with reasonable price. If you are looking for built-in navigation or a spare camera, you should accept a touch screen radio. Don’t be afraid. If you can operate a smart phone, you can operate a touch screen radio.

What are the changes in our new rides?

We have 2016 model, equipped with touch screen radio, Bluetooth and backup camera. It has no navigation. Because this requires badging the truck. This will cause the cost of the vehicle to exceed our price range. However, we recently upgraded the radio on the 2002 model and installed all the ringtones and whistles, including GPS navigation. We are seriously discussing whether to upgrade the updated truck. The radio in After Market has more choices and larger screen, which looks cool.

Why did we choose ours?

My child drives a 2002 model car. The main reason for adding all the safety functions that the radio should provide. You need Bluetooth speakers for phone calls and wireless streaming music, GPS navigation, WIFI, DVR travel recorders(for example, running recorders), and spare cameras without having to fill up your device.

Their music can either be downloaded to the mobile phone or downloaded through the APP. With built-in Bluetooth, the radio can be automatically connected to the phone to enjoy music. To stop flipping CDs, find the songs you want to listen to. After driving for so many years, it’s a miracle to search for CDs on the road and put them in the ditch. make concerted efforts!

In short.

It is possible to take a small step towards the future. You will appreciate answering the phone without answering it. Use the reversing camera to connect to the RV or other trailer and make it correct at the first time. Navigate to the target location without hanging other devices on the dashboard. Finally, our radio has a built-in DVR running recorder. I don’t even need to explain the importance of this feature.