Replace The Fan Motor Resistor

Replace The Fan Motor Resistor

The hot fan motor reduces or increases the amount of air passing through the instrument panel vents according to the selected fan speed or the internal temperature of the automatic climate control system and other factors. However, resistors, small electronic components hidden out of sight actually control the fan speed by reducing the current of the fan motor.

If everything is normal, for example, If the fan speed is set to the minimum value, the resistor will be notified to limit the power flow to a lower level. However, if the resistor is scorched or worn due to corrosion, there is no measure to reduce the voltage of the blower motor when the fan speed is at the minimum, so it is likely to obtain the maximum current and operate at full speed.

How often should the hot air blower motor damper be replaced?

Fan resistor often fails in long-distance vehicles, but its failure is independent of distance. Aging may be caused by electronic failure caused by plastic embrittlement or heat over time. The usage of fan motor may also be a factor.

SA1473 is a hot air supply fan motor damper used for air vents of air conditioning units to regulate the outlet temperature. It is plug and play and is easier to connect than before. Built in circuit protection device improves quality and extends life. Cement/Busso/Renault/Nissan has a wide range of applications. The wholesale price of SACER is cheap.

What should be paid attention to when dealing with the resistor of hot air blower motor?

When the fan motor makes a grinding or ticking sound, the fan motor damper usually does not fail. If some fan speed settings stop working, the other settings will not fail, so they can be used safely. Do not use them to solve complex problems before repairing the vehicle If the speed of the fan is not normal, suspect the fan motor is faulty, and test the fan motor resistor during this process.


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