Replacement Of Stepping Motor Of Nissan Tida/Livina/Tana

Replacement Of Stepping Motor Of Nissan Tida/Livina/Tana

What is a “platform jump”?

Stepping motor is basically a synchronous motor, which rotates at a certain angle with pulse frequency. If position or motion control is required, use a stepping motor. Two signals are needed to control the dance step, one is the pulse frequency, and the other is the direction. Stepping motor has no brush. The motor does not rotate continuously, but rotates in the form of pulses or walks. This is why it is called a stepping motor. According to each step, different types of motors can be selected, including 12 steps and 24 steps. Stepping motor with or without feedback can be controlled or operated.

How does the stepping motor work?

In order to rotate the engine shaft, power is first supplied to the electromagnet so that the teeth of the gear are attracted to the teeth of the electromagnet by electromagnetism. If the tooth of the gear is aligned with the first electromagnet, it will be slightly offset from the next electromagnet. Therefore, if the next electromagnet opens and the first electromagnet closes, the gear will rotate slightly, align with the next electromagnet, and then repeat the process. Each step of these slight rotations is called a step, and the whole step is rotated into the whole step. In this way, the motor can pass the precision. Stepping motor is not continuous rotation, but step rotation.

SACER automatic stepping motor

This is an automatic stepping motor for you. SA 1082 stepping motor is used for instrument panel or instrument panel, especially for Nissan Tida/Livina/Tana. Metal shaft, requiring welding. It is very suitable for replacement. SACER’s stepping motor has excellent start, stop and reverse response time and good repeatability, and can return to the same position accurately. Each stepping motor can reduce maintenance requirements and provide high quality, life and reliability. To find a stepping motor suitable for your application, please contact SACER immediately.

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