Replace COG LCD Display

Replace COG LCD Display

LCD module usually has built-in drive circuit, which can simplify installation and improve reliability. However, adding encapsulated driver circuits to the panel LCD module may have the following disadvantages:

Display thickness increases

cost reduction

Module failure increases vulnerability

All of these shortcomings are an important consideration when it comes to displays for industrial, automotive, and portable devices. This is why designers in these fields should strongly consider using glass on chip(COG) LCD modules. The glass chip(COG) LCD module provides ultra-thin shape, higher reliability and reasonable price.

In contrast, the COG module directly mounts the LCD driver on the overlapping edges of the glass panels that make up the LCD. The final module is an integrated display with a thickness of less than 3mm. All connections from the LCD driver to the LCD are completely separated from the environment. For COG modules, only one key combination is required for each connection to ensure the reliability of the module.

For many years, as the pioneer of glass chip LCD technology, we have worked closely with leading manufacturers to reduce costs, simplify PCB layout, and use COG design to improve the scalability, flexibility and reliability of LCD displays. To provide an accurate and reliable solution for replacing vehicle mounted displays depends on the mature ability to provide high-quality COG LCD product units for the automotive aftermarket.

The flat panel display equipped with SA1200-1 FPC cable is only applicable to Audi, Volkswagen, Site and Cisco VDO Group(1999-2004). It is mainly used for instrument panel or dashboard. Fully comply with OE specifications, fully match with modules, only applicable to VDO group. The COG is designed as an LCD display with FPC cable. No welding required, FPC side 26 pin.

SACER Ltd, founded in 2007, is engaged in measuring LCD display, ABS/ECU/maintenance spare parts, throttle DC motor, automobile semiconductor and other general application fields, as well as Turbo actuator, non-contact TPS sensor, ECU, window regulator To stand out in the market competition, EPS/EHPS dashboard, air flow meter and other products with the highest quality and consistent performance are required.