Leon/Toledo Seat ACC Unit LCD

Leon/Toledo Seat ACC Unit LCD

The dashboard is a collection of dashboard, dial and indicator lights directly above the steering wheel to tell the vehicle what happened. Generally speaking, the dashboard of your car will be used throughout the life of the car, and you will never encounter any problems. However, if one of them fails, it will encounter problems ranging from slight annoyance(the engine is turned on and cannot be turned off) to inconvenience(no gas meter is displayed) and danger(the oil indicator does not work).

Some of the more common failures include:

Unstable or non functional opportunities and opportunities; the reading is not accurate.

The LCD pointer will not get stuck or shake on the instrument

The indicator light is on

Burnout/dark backlight

The LCD screen is lost or the operation is unstable(the number 8 is 0)

Few of these problems can be solved by projects started by ourselves. To work properly, you need special tools, knowledge and parts. Oh… and patience. Because this repair involves many small parts, motor or electronic parts.

How bad is your dashboard? Here is a good suggestion for replacing the LCD display. SA 1014 LCD display of ACC unit. LeonSheet/Toledo Sheet. The new monitor, which is the same as the existing one, works very well. The introduction is as follows:

2.5 inch multi-color display, black smoke lens(ignition off).

Blue bar display, only LCD screen, no cable

The crosswalk site must be connected to the customer’s default PCB.

The latest high-precision voltage sensor. Ultra thin body(only 33mm deep)

100% new products are tested before delivery.

Before purchasing this flat panel monitor, please ensure that technicians accurately diagnose the dashboard. New display. If the monitor does not solve the problem, please do not blame it. There are other problems with the dashboard. Installing this monitor requires electronic knowledge of zebra paper. It is recommended that professionals with appropriate readjustment experience and equipment perform this process. It is recommended that the installation be performed by an appropriate cluster service technician.

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