Renault Window Regulator

Renault Window Regulator

The mechanism that moves the window up and down is called window regulator. In vehicles equipped with power windows, the window regulator is driven by a motor called a window motor. In some cars, the window motor and the window regulator are an integral part. In other cases, the window motor can be replaced separately.

There are two basic types of glass lifters: gear drive(in the picture) and cable type(see the figure below).

A typical car has four window regulators. One for each door. In some convertibles, a separate window regulator can be installed in the back panel. The window lifter does not need maintenance or adjustment. In case of failure, the failed parts or the whole machine must be replaced.

Window regulator problem

Problems with window regulators are common. The detached window lifter cable may be caught by the window or fall off from the door. See examples of cable disconnection and power window stopping. In cold temperatures, windows may freeze in the closed position. When the window switch is pressed, the window can be separated from the window lifter. If this happens, some cars can fix the windows again without replacing parts, while others may need to replace the window regulator.

Replace the window regulator

Replacing the glass lifter is not expensive, and after-sales parts are often available. In Sacer, we provide you with a good choice. SA 500 Glass Elevator is a high-quality glass elevator substitute for Renault Megan II 2002-2008, Renault Hynix II 2003-2009 and Renault Creole III 2005-2013. The performance has been improved through careful design. Through quality testing, ensure trouble free installation, stable performance and durability. Other features include:

-Easy to set up and initialize. Easy to use.

-The leakage protection is redesigned for more safety.

-The car locks the tracks and the windows completely automatically close.

-Close all with one key.

-Anti clipping security model.


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