A Simple DIY Prompt Is Helpful To Eliminate Dents On The Vehicle.

One of the most common problems with cars is not electrical or mechanical. Instead, the most common problem is dents. In fact, no matter where you drive, no matter how careful you are, your car is likely to be hollow. After all, there are countless dents on the car.

If you can’t continue to avoid them, it’s a good idea to learn various methods to remove the dents in your car. However, these technologies are only available if the damage is not serious.

Compressed air and hair dryer

This method is applicable to the dent of bumper and other plastics. That’s very popular, too. To remove dents, you need compressed air and a hair dryer.

Select the maximum temperature setting for the hair dryer. Aim at the dent. This causes the plastic to expand. If the plastic is hot enough, immediately apply compressed air to the area. The cold air in the can shrinks the plastic. Dents can occur as a result.


This is another way to remove very common dents. The piston is actually very effective against small dents. Here, first apply some water to the dent and piston. Place the piston over the groove and start working. As long as you push it gently, dents will appear.

The cup cover used in the sink must be used. Flange pistons used in toilets are generally avoided.

boiling water

The bumper is made of plastic, but it is very strong. Of course they do. But when it sinks, it’s also a problem. In order to overcome the hardness, the plastic must be softened first. This is some boiled water, which is easy to finish. After pouring hot water, hit the dent on the other side to make it protrude.

Remember that plastic won’t last long. So you need to be quick. If necessary, you can ask someone to help you. In addition, boiling water can be dangerous, so appropriate precautions should be taken. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary to completely eliminate the dents.

dry ice

It is usually used as a coolant, so it is easy to get dry ice. This can also be a good way to eliminate small car dents. However, wear protective gloves when handling dry ice. Your safety is always important.

Take out a piece of dry ice and put it on the top of the dent. Rub dry ice around the dent. Although it may take some time, the dent will eventually crack. It may be necessary to apply dry ice several more times before denting occurs. If it doesn’t seem to work, you should buy a hair dryer. Before applying dry ice, use a hair dryer to blow hot air to the depression.

When to hire a professional company?

Keep in mind that the above techniques apply primarily to shallow dents. If the dent is too deep, please hire a professional company to solve it. If you can’t see any results of the above techniques, you should do the same. After all, you just don’t want to further damage your car to get rid of the dent.

Professional companies will have skilled staff and professional tools. Therefore, it is very likely that the dent will be removed correctly.