High Mile Oil And Is It Suitable For Your Car?

High Mile Oil And Is It Suitable For Your Car?

Let’s assume that you won’t spend your spare time on oil.

But you may find that the passages of Canadian tires are filled with bottles of different sizes. Each bottle has a different color label.

If you can understand this, you will agree on how important oil is to your car and why you should pay attention to it. Ultimately, choosing the right oil will help the engine, but choosing the wrong oil may lead to damage.

If you drive an old car, your choice of oil is more important, which makes some people believe that high mileage oil is the ideal choice for old cars. But is that really the case?

Before buying(or changing) a bottle of oil for a penny, it is worthwhile to know what high mileage oil is, which is different from ordinary machine oil.

What is High Mile Oil?

High distance oil is used to protect the engine from leakage during aging.

As the name implies, high mile oil can protect engines with warranty and/or more than 75000~150000 clicks. If you or the mechanic happens to notice the leakage or hear the nervous click of the engine, it is recommended to use this oil.

As the engine ages(detailed later) and reaches a higher distance range, the possibility of leakage and noise increases. This happens when the car engine starts to shed thin and invisible metal layers on the bearings and rubber layers on the seals.

Eventually, these parts will wear, the gap between them will increase, and some oil will seep into or burn the engine cylinder.

Automobile lubricant manufacturers have produced and sold a large number of products marked with “”. “High oil”; to prevent oil leakage, it is used as a protective layer.

Unscientific subdivision of high mile oil

The oil is within a certain range. Traditional oil is on the right, synthetic oil is on the left, and high mile oil is in the middle.

Ordinary oil(or ordinary oil) is basically a mineral oil supply made of crude oil extracted from the ground. Although it is made of synthetic induced crude oil, it is highly processed to remove all impurities. Although high-grade oil is not as pure as synthetic oil, it is more “pure”. Refined “; some experts call it high-grade mineral oil.

But what really distinguishes Gaomi oil is the addition of additives. For example, they contain antioxidants(yes, your car needs them, not just yourself) and detergents, clean the engine and air conditioner, and prevent seals from leaking.

High distance oil also has the so-called high viscosity, which is a very thick term and is required to protect engine seals. Common oil and synthetic oil can have similar properties and mixtures, but not as much as high distance oil.

Attention of buyer

Now, this is still a big question to answer: Do you need to buy high mileage fuel for your car? The answer is yes, but only if the vehicle belongs to the most needed category.

So if you are a part of people, the oil on the street is a kind of Lamb, and others think it is a gift from heaven, you should know that they are reasonable.

If the mileage oil is not suitable

The driving distance of cars is less than 75000 kilometers.

Your car has no signs of burning or leaking oil.

You used oil that has been proven to be effective for the engine.

If it is suitable to use mileage oil

Very high driving distance(75000 – 100000+)

Soot, engine exhaust, sludge and other signs of excessive fuel consumption

When driving, you will hear clattering or other disturbing noises.

In some cases, it may hit a wall that still cannot find an answer. In this case, you must make a judgment. But when you are not sure how to do the specific car repair work, we always suggest you read the manual. It will provide the best oil for your car and other vehicles.

Why is high fuel good for used cars

High mileage oil is good for used cars.

For some of you, high mileage fuel will bring undeniable benefits to your vehicle. If your car is more than 75000 km or has traces of excessive use or oil leakage, this is certainly correct.

You will definitely say: Symptoms “; if you have a problem with your car

A sign that high mileage oil is good for cars

Excessive engine gas: hot exhaust gas passing through the piston ring; indicates engine wear, oil leakage, and ring damage.

Fume: Green smoke from the exhaust pipe, which may be caused by oil leakage or worn engine seals.

Mud accumulation of engine: thick tar like hardened oil deposits found on engine components may be caused by inferior fuel or oil.

If any of the above problems are continuous battles for you, try Gori Oil. Keep in mind that this oil may be more expensive than the usual choice because it contains chemicals. Of course, if it is still difficult to decide which oil to use or if any car problems persist, you must visit a mechanic.

Gaomi Oil: Hope or Publicity?

So, what is our final conclusion about high mile oil? yes. You can only try if your car leaks oil, accumulates oil dirt or has signs of engine wear. Only depending on the distance your car travels, it is impossible to be the reason to buy this kind of oil.

In addition, remember that many high oil products are manufactured and sold by brands eager to increase profits. Some of these products do have benefits, but they are not always the right answer. Therefore, continue to buy, but be wise.

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