2018 Puzo 308 Comments

2018 Puzo 308 Comments

The Puzo 308 is the latest in a series of excellent cars we have seen from French auto manufacturers in recent years. The transformation into a new Australian importer and the change of the company’s management has opened a bright new era for Puzo. Both the 3008 and 5008 SUV crossover vehicles have won praise. Puzo hopes to repeat this success with small cars. Therefore, 308 needs reliable products to provide best in class European style and engineering design. Let’s look at what’s really different for Australian drivers.

308 General

This is an update in 2018. There are some new safety kits on board, and the ownership plan is also completely reformed. The public driven by Australians can recognize this cool interior, which is fashionable and reasonably practical. The overall appearance and feel of this car must be very high-end. Some people may hesitate about the price, but remember that we don’t usually buy entry-level cars here. Because they are not economical to import.

Puzo 308 Travel

The core of this car is exquisite design, but as a family tourist, it should be practical in daily tasks. 308 is 4585 mm long and 2043 mm wide. It can also be parked in cities. The next most useful function of a family is the boot space. With the back seat in place, the 308 has 625L of storage space. If you need more space, the seats in the second row can be put down, and the available storage space can reach 1740L. If you can put down the back seat passengers, it is enough to put down the flat furniture.

In the guest room

We’ve talked about fantastic design. It is the smallest and most logical, and is the real standard of modern automobile design. Each door has a smartphone image, USB and AUX connections, and a cup/bottle holder. There are two ISOFIX points and a pull-down rear seat divider behind. There is enough space in the front, but the rear 308 is close to the coupe in terms of bridge space.

Under the engine cover

The 308 Tour has a 2.0 liter turbocharged low diesel engine capable of delivering 110 kilowatts of power. It is transmitted to the front wheels and has a large amount of low power output. The engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and has a torque of 370 meters at 2000 rpm. Therefore, 0-100km/h of 308 Touring is 10 seconds, and the maximum speed is 209km/h.

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