Consultation From The Dealer Of Masinda: Extend The Warranty Period

Consultation From The Dealer Of Masinda: Extend The Warranty Period

As your local Mazda dealer, we are committed to releasing the latest news to all customers. This is usually a suggestion for new or upcoming Mazda cars, prompting Mazda to keep the car’s expectations under all driving and weather conditions. This article is a little different. We will learn about some recent changes in Mazda’s car warranty.

3-year manufacturer’s warranty

In Australia and the rest of the world, the standard is for the car manufacturer to provide customers with a 3-year warranty. Mastar is no different in this respect, but things have begun to change. Many automobile manufacturers around the world usually provide a longer warranty period of five years.

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Mastar is the latest car manufacturer, with the warranty extended from 3 years to 5 years. From now on, all new Mazda cars sold in Australia will provide a five-year unlimited km guarantee according to the standard. This makes Mastar consistent with other manufacturers. For example:; skoda, Renault, Mitsubishi, 50 Bell, Holden, Sitron, Puzo.

Competitive pressure

In order to remain competitive, Mazda’s new guarantee policy may be an example. The Australian automotive market is extremely active at present, and there is a lot of competition in each market segment for extremely important sales. However, in the past few years, this extended warranty period has been developing continuously worldwide. To be fair, modern cars are usually much better built than cars ten years ago. On average, they are safer and more reliable than their predecessors, so it seems fair for automobile manufacturers to extend the warranty period. Not only is it an incentive to buy, it also proves to customers that manufacturers have real confidence in their cars.

Mazda market share

In Australia, Mazda is the market leader and the second most popular automobile manufacturer here. This is driven by a reputation for excellence in quality and reliability and a fair price structure across the product range. This five-year guarantee will make Mazda more confident in the brand and enable Mazda to compete with Toyota.

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