Yamada 3: What Is EBD?

Yamada 3: What Is EBD?

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the acronyms of three characters when purchasing the top cover or car of the Marda 3. It seems that there are many of them. Most people don’t know what they mean. In this special case, we will study Electronic Brake Force Distribution(EBD). As the name implies, it is a technology that helps drivers brake more effectively. Let’s take a closer look at how EBD improves driving experience and makes a more informed purchase decision.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution(EBD)

First, you can hear the terms Electronic Brake Force Distribution(EBD) and Electronic Brake Force Limiting(EBL). EBD and EBL are the same name for the same technology. Masda uses the term EBD. To avoid confusion, this abbreviation will be used in this article.

What is EBD?

In essence, EBD is a combined system of oil pressure and electronic technology, which can safely apply pressure to the brakes at every corner of the vehicle. It provides stronger and more uniform braking in emergency situations. EBD braking device is regarded as an active safety device, which can minimize the impact of collisions and help drivers completely avoid collisions.

How does EBD work?

It is recommended that EBD be considered as the core part of the entire active safety system. Therefore, EBD breakpoints will become part of the electronic stability control(ESC) and anti lock braking(ABS) systems. ESC uses complex algorithms to analyze sensor data. You can see whether the yaw associated with the steering input is too small or too large. This will help the driver avoid the core factors of many collisions – understeer and oversteer. ESC detects that the vehicle is out of control, and will use the EBD system to provide braking for each wheel, and the vehicle will resume control. All this is in progress. As time goes on, ABS will also try to avoid wheel lock. Although EBD has existed for many years, it is more effective than ever due to the improvement of sensory technology and processing speed. EBD system can cope with road conditions faster than drivers. Therefore, this technology is an important part of Mazda’s safety kits, such as improving the driver’s driving experience.

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