SANTA Dealers Report: Satisfaction With The Best After-Sales Service

SANTA Dealers Report: Satisfaction With The Best After-Sales Service

In recent years, Mazda dealer network has made great efforts to provide customers with the best service. According to the latest research of JD Power, Matsuda ranks high in the customer satisfaction survey. This is an impressive achievement, but please note that this is Mazda’s third consecutive success! In Australia, Matsuda beat Toyota and Nissan to take the crown again. Let’s take a closer look at how Mazda achieved this success.

Enhanced customer experience

The entire JD Power survey seems to repeat several major trends. In particular, the transparency and convenience of subscription services seem to be important factors for customers. About 19% of customers reported that they looked at their cars for maintenance and were more satisfied than those who did not. In addition, customers who can book online are usually happier than those who need telephone booking services.

Online participation is key

The Australian manager of JD Power is Bruce Chellingworth. After the latest survey, he said: “Before entering dealers, brands with strong online platforms have additional advantages to interact with customers”; they provide an enhanced customer experience early on. Online interaction between brands and customers seems important. Later, Mr. Chellingworth said: “The brand should not only actively communicate and publicize the use of online channels, but also use offline tools to supplement external connection activities.” It provides a seamless transition to an online platform and ensures a consistent customer experience.

How did Masonda score?

In the survey of 4586 car owners, Mazda scored up to 1000 points, with a total score of 789 points. Matsuda beat Toyota with 783 points, and Nissan ranked third with 779 points. This is a small matter for customers. Regular cleaning of cars is of great significance to car dealers. When customers return the car after making an appointment for maintenance, they will be more satisfied. It seems that Mastar knows how to treat customers, but there is always room for improvement. Maybe he will score four times in the next JD Power survey.

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