What Are Your Expectations For The Second Generation Nissan Juke Crossover?

What Are Your Expectations For The Second Generation Nissan Juke Crossover?

Nissan Juke 2018 has achieved appropriate success in Australia, where the market has a great desire for SUVs and cross-border. This is a competitive market segment, with fierce sales competition. Juke is a great off-road vehicle, but it did not find a breakthrough here as Nissan expected. Nissan decided to change it into the second generation Nissan Zhuke model. Let’s learn more about what this latest Juke Avatar provides for cross-border buyers.

out of the ordinary

The global head of Nissan Automotive Design is Alfonso Alberta. He knew that the second generation Juke would look very different, but it would still be different. Brand recognition is very important. The design concept should consider the recognition of vehicles. In a recent interview with insiders, Mr. Alberta said: “; it(the new Juke) doesn’t look like the current” Juke “; he then said:; it doesn’t look like IMx or the new Leaf. Then he said:”; this is a meteor in a city with a bad attitude ”

When asked about the next Juke design process, Alberte said: “Our work is easier than at the beginning; nothing is better than this”; the success of this car, no matter how polarized it seems, is huge; then he continued to say: “; the second can not be derived or evolved, it is still” Zhuke “. His last”; otherwise, we should almost change its name to “Nancy”, so it will certainly be considered as Juke, but we can expect new modeling and innovation.

Next generation Juke

The second generation of Juke will definitely be released soon. It may even be only a few months. This means we can expect news soon. Logically speaking, this will happen at the Paris Auto Show in October, and may be listed in Europe in early 2019 at the latest. The new Juke can be based on the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Lions “V ” platform, which has become the foundation of Nissan Micra and Renault Capture. It is expected that naturally aspirated engines will be eliminated, and diesel and turbocharged gasoline are the current development direction.

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