Car Air Conditioning Problems? Repair Method

Car Air Conditioning Problems? Repair Method

As summer is coming, the problem of car air conditioning may be really bad. In fact, cars naturally store more heat than the outside temperature. This means that you are sitting there, trapped in the stuffy and sealed space, sweating profusely, and praying that the cold wind blows through the window. In hot weather, the air conditioner in the car can give a better feeling, but if the air conditioning problem is not solved, the potential dangerous situation, In other words, the heat wave in the car may reach dangerous temperature levels.

So if your car’s air conditioner doesn’t work and only emits heat, it’s time to fix it.

The following are the five most common automotive air conditioning problems and the solutions to these problems.

  1. Refrigerant leakage

Unfortunately, refrigerant leakage can occur anywhere in the process of automobile air conditioning, which means that it is difficult to find out the exact location of the leakage. The most common part of refrigerant leakage is the hose connection of the air conditioning unit.

If you notice the accumulation of oily substances around the hose connector, you may have found the source of the leak. If the source of the leak is found, the user or technician can use the air conditioning sealing strip for shielding.

  1. The capacitor is blocked or blocked

The blocked capacitor can not properly promote good airflow to cool the hot coolant of the car, resulting in overheating, and the air conditioning unit only discharges hot air.

The capacitor of a car is usually located in the front of the car, so it is easy to grasp the location of the blockage. If the blockage is confirmed and the problem is eliminated on the grill, the air conditioning problem will be solved.

  1. Capacitor damaged

If the capacitor is not obviously blocked, the capacitor may be completely damaged. The cause of the capacitor rupture may be the perforation caused by road debris passing through the car fence.

If the capacitor is found to be perforated, it may be necessary to replace the capacitor or ask a technician to replace it.

  1. Electrical problems

Diagnosing electrical problems related to the air conditioning unit requires deductive reasoning, so it may be the most challenging task. First, to determine whether the wires are worn or broken, you must check the wires with your eyes.

If damaged wires are found, they should be repaired or completely replaced with tapes where the problem is not serious. If you cannot find any electrical problems, you’d better consult a skilled technician to thoroughly diagnose the air conditioning problem.

  1. Cooling fan failure

If your fan doesn’t work properly, your compressor may not get proper cooling, and your car can only release hot air from the air conditioner vent. To determine if the cooling fan is faulty, check for cracks or errors.

If the cooling fan has cracks, it must be replaced. Other cooling fan problems include fuse fuses and other electrical problems. To effectively solve these problems, unless you have electrical work experience, you may need to consult a professional automotive technician.

The air conditioning problem is not only a trouble, but also difficult to repair. Sometimes, you can recover quickly in a few minutes, while in other cases, you need to completely replace the parts. However, it is usually safer to consult a professional technician than to apologize, rather than solve the problem by guessing.