The Thief Stole My Tools From My Car! This Is What I Have Done.

The Thief Stole My Tools From My Car! This Is What I Have Done.

I’m not a businessman. I don’t make a living by remodeling buildings or houses. But I do like fixing things. Sometimes I will do bigger things. For example, building tents. Last summer, I collected drill bits and tools without ropes. Circular saw, various screwdriver tool boxes; put the wrench, carpenter’s level, etc. into my van. On my way to build a house, I stopped at a local large box furniture decoration shop to buy beams and nails. When I got back to the van, I put the key in the lock and climbed in as usual.

When I entered the cab, the first thing I noticed was that the air was filled with thick body odor and stale smoke. I think it’s strange. Because nobody stayed in my van for a few weeks except myself. I quickly looked around and found my glove box half open. Then he shot me. Someone was in my van a few minutes ago! When I looked from the back of the van, all my tools were gone. I’m angry!

I looked around the parking lot and found nothing suspicious. The thief left long ago. I suspect the thief just grabbed what he could catch quickly and ran away. I saw my locks, and they showed no sign of being operated. I just forgot to lock the door, or did the thief break the lock for some reason? I don’t know.

A worthless security camera

I went back to the store and asked to talk to someone. The security guard called the loss prevention agent and explained that my tool had just been stolen from my van. After that, he agreed to search the security camera of the store to see if we could find the person who broke into my van. You may think that the nationwide large retailers monitor the entire parking lot, but I was surprised to find that their surveillance cameras only took videos at the entrance, not far away from my parking lot. I just lost about 1000 dollars of tools, and there is no suspicious information. I’m depressed.

Megaampere Millions of dollars lost

although no one knows for sure, there are millions of dollars worth of tools, or even billions of dollars worth of tools, stolen in vehicles and workplaces every year in the United States. Such theft cases usually have no actual suspect information, and the losses are not covered by insurance, so they are not reported. According to the National Criminal Intelligence Bureau(NCIB), the theft of construction equipment and tools has resulted in an annual loss of US $1 billion nationwide, with a recovery rate of less than 20%.

Prevent – Threat – Arrest

It cost more than 2000 dollars to replace the stolen tools, and I vowed not to be a victim again. I want to prevent and stop any future theft. If anyone dares to steal my tools again, I hope to have a chance to catch the thief.

Here’s what I did.

I bought a carving machine and engraved my name and phone number in several places of each tool. I am ; this tool belongs to Howard F.Jeb’s telephone XXXXXXXXXX. If you want to buy this tool, it will be stolen. Now, my tools have so many styles, which may seem strange, but their functions are very good. It is difficult for a liar to sell them. First of all, this is very prominent for a liar. Seeing the broken sculptures, he wished to put them aside.

I want to install a small GPS tracking device on a more valuable tool, but I find that there is no tracking device at a reasonable price. “I’m watching Milwaukee” choice “; the tracker is actually just a Bluetooth tracker, designed to help find tools that are not placed properly. It is not small enough to hide in the tool, and will not track the tool when moving more than 100-300 yards. GPS tracking technology has made all progress, but the GPS tracker is in the $250 circular saw or No one has discovered how to squeeze wireless receivers, microprocessors, transmitters, and batteries into small enough sizes to hide them.

I installed a metal partition behind the driver’s seat of the van and locked it with a strong lock. Now, even if someone enters the cab, they must use tools to break into the cargo area.

I have installed aftermarket locks on all bread doors and safety nets on the rear and side windows. This should serve as a deterrent and make it easier for fraudsters to aim at their targets.

I also bought a small motion sensor alarm online for $49.99, which synchronizes with my smartphone. I put this alarm on the inside of the driver’s door. When the door is opened, the alarm detects movement and immediately issues a “warning” to me. Warning:; tell me the movement was detected. I now almost immediately know who opened my door. Then I will jump out of my van, use all necessary reasonable force to subdue and detain the thief.

Some of my anti-theft measures, such as steel partitions, reinforced locks and Changsha, cost me some money, but carving machines and motion sensing alarms are relatively cheap. In general, all the costs are worth it. I don’t want to feel that sense of decline anymore. Because I know someone broke into my car and stole the tools I bought with my hard earned money.