Suggestions From Car Service Personnel: Family Maintenance Is Really Helpful

Suggestions From Car Service Personnel: Family Maintenance Is Really Helpful

Regular car maintenance is the best way to keep the car running according to the manufacturer’s requirements. However, each maintenance task does not require the skills of factory trained technicians. In fact, even inexperienced amateurs can complete many simple maintenance tasks by themselves. This is very easy. They can really help you keep your car in top condition and ready to drive.

Check tires

Many drivers spend a lot of money on fuel every month. On average, Australians spend $2000 a year to keep their cars running. As time goes by, the tire gradually loses pressure, and the fuel consumption increases when the tire is under charged. This will not only make the fuel cost of the car higher at the same distance, but also reduce the driving safety of the car. Every week, check the tires on your car with your eyes for lumps, cuts and signs of excessive wear. It must be ensured that the tyre pressure is consistent with the pressure in the owner’s manual. When the tires are inflated under the correct pressure in good condition, you can miss your car more and save money.

Check the oil level.

It’s a good idea to think that the oil in your car circulates through the system. The decline in oil quality is reflected in the performance of the car. Over time, every vehicle consumes engine oil, and some even consume nearly one liter of engine oil between oil changes. If your car’s oil consumption changes suddenly, this is a matter of concern. If your engine oil is milky white or creamy, it is a strong sign that your car has serious mechanical problems. Maintaining oil supply is a simple method, which can quickly check the oil quality and maintain the efficient operation of the system.

Keep other liquids full

In addition to the engine oil, there are other fluids needed, which can be continuously filled to get everything the engine needs. Some of the most important fluids include transmission oil, power steering fluid, engine coolant, and brake fluid. As time goes by, some of these systems will consume fluid, and regular inspection is recommended. Filled with this oil, the car will be easier to drive and safer on the road.

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