Masda Dealer Comments: 2018 Masda BT

Masda Dealer Comments: 2018 Masda BT

When they see the local Mazda dealers, Perth drivers will notice that SUVs and crossover cars are very popular. Over the years, this type of car has promoted Australia’s car sales to a new level. But we are beginning to see new trends. The high specification dual cab Utes can be used for medium-sized work within a week, or as a substitute for family friendly SUVs on weekends. One of the best examples is the Masda BT-50 GT dual cab. Let’s take a closer look at what this latest version provides.


The Massenda BT-50 GT double cab is more basic than many SUVs on the market, but it has many functions that can meet the needs of most families. There are enough conversations to tow a working trailer within a week, and a boat trailer or station wagon at weekends. The BT-50 GT can now be repaired at longer intervals to improve convenience. Some people may not like the truck look. Before you get used to it, you can easily use the infotainment system.

2018 Hengmada BT-50 GT Twin Room

There are new decorative functions to refresh the appearance, the most important of which is the new front bumper and grill plug-in to make the appearance slightly soft. Of course, for drivers who want to add batches in the front end, they can choose a variety of after-sales worries. Masda also added Android Auto and Apple Play connections to its feature suite. One is an 8-inch infotainment screen with DAB+digital radio and satellite navigation functions. It is basically equipped with electric driver’s seat, leather seat trim, cruise control, dual zone climate control, dusk sensing headlights, 17 inch seats and many other packages. Alloy wheels.

Under the engine cover

The motor reaches BT-50 GT suite, which has a 5-cylinder turbo diesel power unit, with an output of 147 kW and a torque of 470 Nm in the range of 1750-2500 rpm. The engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. The 4×4 system is electronically connected, and is equipped with a differential after being locked with the low level domain to provide all snoring required for off-road driving. Please note that the unloaded unloading clearance is 232mm, but the new front bumper is 2mm lower than the upcoming model. Despite the power supply, the noise level and precision are similar to those of competitive products. But in fact, if you step on it, you will get a satisfied roar that the competitors with BT-50 GT double cab motors have not.

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