Stamp Duty For Motor Up To 2

Stamp Duty For Motor Up To 2

Mazda 2 is an excellent family car with reasonable functions and driving experience. But like any car, a new or used car needs to pay some extra fees before leaving the parking lot. The cost of each vehicle is stamp duty. If you haven’t bought a car or haven’t upgraded it for a while, it may be difficult for you to understand. In this article, we will learn more about what stamp duty is and the cost of stamp duty.

Stamp Duty Guidelines

No matter when you buy a car, you must pay stamp duty before you can drive. Stamp duty is a tax levied by the state government through official documents. Generally speaking, this fee will be paid every time you buy a new car. A good way is to pay a one-time tax when you transfer ownership. This is also true when buying new or used cars from dealers or individual dealers. The tax rate of stamp duty may vary greatly depending on the Australian state or region where the transaction takes place. In this special article, we will focus on the sales situation and stamp duty costs in Western Australia.

Stamp duty of West Lake Prefecture

The stamp duty paid by Wisconsin is based on the taxable value of the vehicle purchased. This can be the manufacturer’s trademark price of new cars or the reasonable market value of second-hand cars. The following example illustrates the actual dollar value in an easy to understand way:

The three price ranges or levels and their corresponding stamp duty payments are as follows:

  1. Up to $25000

The stamp duty on new cars is 2.75% of the published price

The stamp duty on second-hand cars will also reach 2.75% of the appropriate market value.

  1. 25001-5000 USD

The stamp duty is a little complicated, and the percentage of stamp duty is based on the equation of 2.75+(taxable value – 25000/66666). For example, the stamp duty rate of new cars worth $30000 is 2.75 -(30000-25000/66666), which is calculated as 3.5% or $1050.

  1. Above $50,000

Take new cars for example, the stamp duty is 6.5% of the published price

The stamp duty on second-hand cars will also be 6.5% of the reasonable market value.

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