LEACREE comes from the acronym Leading and Creation. “Show brand attitude” “Leading innovation”;

“LEACREE has always adhered to the concept of enterprise development” Quality first, technical innovation, customer satisfaction” High quality impact and Holding and other current price products; we are committed to providing professional, reliable and high-quality automotive shock absorbers and amps for customers around the world. Landlord and current price products.

LEACREE is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality complete pillar parts and other automotive hovering products. It specializes in manufacturing and marketing shocks&; struts global. Ricco has factories, branches and offices in more than 10 cities, including Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Ningbo and Hong Kong.

LEACREE(Chengdu) is located in the national economic and technological development zone of the research and production base in Chengdu. It has clean and efficient development and office facilities, more than 100000 square meters of modern production workshops and a large number of advanced professional production line equipment. It is an advanced technology and high-quality automobile shock absorber, meeting the high standards of mass development and production; holding and other current price products.

So far, LEACREE, which has millions of high-quality LEACREE brand products, has been carried by consumers in major developed countries and European and American markets, and has been highly recognized by consumers. In Knoxville, Los Angeles, Chengdu, China and London, UK, LEACREE has efficient professional warehouse construction to quickly and efficiently serve customers in China, Europe and the United States.

LEACREE’s distribution network covers the world.

LEACREE’s products have been recognized by customers in many regions around the world: Safety, control and comfort “;

In 2017, LEACREE strengthened its brand in China and launched a new solution for Chinese car owners – the complete pillar assembly of LEACRE, which helps car owners quickly solve hovering and hovering problems and enjoy a new high-quality ride experience.

As the business is growing, LEACREE is looking for dealers with experience in the automotive market, especially those with impact and pillar experience in the world.


  1. LEACREE full column polymerization is that LEACREE has dozens of invention patents and LEACRE specific product structure design, combines professional and advanced production and testing equipment, strictly complies with the procedures of the quality management system(IATF 16949), and ensures the high quality and excellent performance of all LEACREE full column polymerization. The entire pillar assembly of LEACREE does not need further adjustment and is easy to install and use. LEACREE’s complete pillar parts provide a new high-quality driving experience.

  2. Sports Rider Hover has the advantage of adjusting the vehicle height and maximizing vehicle operating comfort. It gives the owner more control over the vehicle

  3. LEACREE air cushion spring consists of durable rubber and plastic bags. The envelope is inflated under precise pressure to mimic the compression ratio of a traditional coil spring. The air cushion product, like LEACREE’s existing coil spring based products, can restore ride height, stability and control, but has nearly unlimited adjustment and load balancing capabilities.


Culture” Leading, innovation, integrity and mutual generation The soul of LEACREE brand is the lifeblood of enterprise development and sustainable development.


Leading technology, advanced equipment, leading technology “Leader”; the attitude makes LEACREE always stand in the forefront of high quality and professionalism, and provide high technology, high standard pillar and other hovering products for shock and domestic and foreign users.


LEACREE pursues product technology innovation, service innovation, management innovation, sales model innovation and continuous quality improvement; lEACREE and leading scientific research institutes and universities at home and abroad have established a number of technology application research and development centers, committed to developing and producing advanced, environmentally friendly and safe products.


LEACREE will serve the end users wholeheartedly with transparent price, high-quality quality, quality assurance and carefree after-sales service.


LEACREE is always committed to achieving win-win results with users, customers and suppliers.