Four Model Cars

Four Model Cars

Scale and Model

The specific production of model cars is carried out in different size ranges, which means that the specific measurement of large model cars will be reduced. This characteristic shows that, except for the size in the actual vehicle, all reductions in the measurement of vehicle equipment are as sufficient as possible. This feature will make the visual charm of the model become natural. As the number of vehicles increases, vehicles of larger brands become smaller. The appearance and style of branded automotive products and solutions will always be different. They are usually 1:8 brand automotive products, 1:72 equipment, 1:48 equipment, 1:35 military service equipment, etc. All these scales will confuse you, but it’s not difficult to understand how they work.

How the modeler uses scale correctly

• The 1:35 ratio is mainly used for military vehicles. In addition, many machines and components are manufactured by different suppliers. 1: The 35 scale military tanks can be traced back to the early electric tanks made of plastic. The manufacturer found that in the past, the device can accommodate the gearbox and motor, so this series of products is excellent.

• 1:48 scale model is very popular in plastic material product manufacturing, so many companies use this model for injection production. 1: The proportion of 48 can also be used to manufacture major military vehicles. This scale is also well used to make special tools for brand trains. For a long time, all these equipment were only used frequently by aircraft modelers. Until it began to become a new scale, military vehicle modelers did not put it into practice.

• The model train can be completed in a series of proportions. You can create 1:80 devices and up to 1:45 projects. Importantly, all scales have advantages and disadvantages. Although one scale may be the ideal scale for a certain specialty, it may be worse for another specific scale.

• The 1:72 scale model is very compatible with the 1:72 plastic material kit, so it is also widely used in the production of injection gloves. They are also commonly used for branded aircraft, about 1/6 inch, such as 1 foot. This means that the size of 72 different models inserted in the entire deployment is the same as the size of the actual project.

Today’s Trends

Over the years, the globalization of the industry has continuously increased the possibility of finding standardized vehicle model rates.

Up to 2004, the proportion of 1:72 and 1:35 was preferred for the model manufacturing of the armed forces vehicles. At present, most dealers still prefer to use the military brand scale of 1:35. They attribute this preference to the obvious fact that the 1:35 scale, which is usually very suitable for products, is suitable for capturing details. Generally, models developed in 1:35 scale will not occupy too much space when placed on the display bracket, and will display many details.