It’s Simple

It’s Simple

Whether you are an automotive engineer or an amateur, you know that most problems in automobiles start with the engine. It can be anything from oil leaks to broken parts, or worse. In many cases, removing the engine from the vehicle is the most effective repair method. But it wastes time. In many cases, repairing and reinstalling the engine will find more problems and eject it again.

This is the location of the Easy Run engine test stand.

1 # universal engine test stand

Easy Run has three models to choose from, which can accommodate foreign or domestic engine blocks. This means that no matter what car you bring into the garage to work, you know that there is an engine test bed for you to use.

Our first test bed is a professional series engine test bed. Reasons include:

2 rack sizes – 54 inches and 66 inches;

Simple design and spacious location

Engine and; transmission

Quick assembly and convenient storage

Engines that support up to 1000 horsepower

Powder coating, durability

Easy Run Professional series models provide multiple functions to make engine maintenance more smooth and fast. All components can be adjusted to move freely on the engine test bench. This bracket has everything you need, but it is simple, safe and can be kept.

Finally, the Professional family includes a four port radiator system, fuel tank, complete dashboard and accessory kit.

User experience of engine test bed

Many people have taken advantage of our Easy Run engine test bed. Paul from Corona, California, has this opinion about our Easy Run engine test bed.

“One day when I got home, I sat in the driveway with the second-hand F-150 my brother bought a few hours ago. The truck is cheap, but it can’t run. It is in urgent need of repairing the engine.

My grandfather – he has been a taxi driver for more than 30 years and has maintained his car- Get down and see the truck. On the first day, he walked into the garage. A few hours later, he was covered with dirt and oil. He climbed into the cab of the truck and repaired the engine inside. I told him not to repair it, because it was very difficult for people his age.

I found Easy Run on the Internet. They were the first people to appear on the engine test bench. After reading what is the advantage of engine test bed, I decided to choose professional series. UPS only took a few days to put the engine test bed in a box. Through quick assembly, we assembled the brackets together, removed the engine as a family, took it out and installed it on the Easy Run engine test bench.

To be honest, Grandpa hopes to have such a child. Easy Run engine test bed can really do everything he said, and can really speed up maintenance time and test speed before reuse. The engine was ready one day after I took it out. When my brother saw his new F-150 come back from the dead, the expression on his face made it valuable.

I have a huge family. Many of us have cars to work under Bonit. Fortunately, our Easy Run engine test bed will enable Grandpa to do a lot of things now;

Get Easy Run engine test platform now

With the Easy Run engine test bed, the life of owners, garages and enthusiasts is much easier. To get your products today, please check our product catalog! From now to October 31, 2017 – Purchase of Professional series or Shop series engine mounting bracket is free of charge 8″ Caster, throttle control and transmission kit upgrade $231.85!