Commercial Tire Sales

Commercial Tire Sales

Donald Trump and his policy discussions have dominated television, radio and newspapers for many years. Although sometimes the noise is very loud, the reality is that the Trump government’s policies will have a real impact on the truck transport industry.

What has happened

President Trump directed the freezing of federal regulations. This is not uncommon for a new president, but President Trump clearly expressed his opposition to the formulation of new laws and regulations that may become a burden. The new government took the freeze as an opportunity to allow the department heads appointed by Trump to review all these pending regulations and confirm their value. What does this mean for the trucking industry? Don’t expect new changes soon. Because this review process may take time, some regulations may be repealed.

Reduce current regulations

Despite the formal interruption of new regulations and pending regulations on January 20, the new government seems to be seriously reducing the number of existing regulations. Address by Donald J. Trump, President elect of the United States; trump argued that this was a video on YouTube during the 2017 transition period.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency will see the largest reduction in restrictions that directly affect truck drivers and the truck transportation industry.

Commitment to new and improved infrastructure

President Trump made several major commitments to infrastructure. In his victory speech, he ; we will rebuild our infrastructure. By the way, it will be a handful of infrastructure. In the part of the speech, he specifically mentioned roads, bridges and tunnels. For truck drivers, this means that they need to transport more goods, enter more construction areas, and travel in the future will be safer and more crowded. I hope to spend less time on a highway.

What will happen in the future?

There must be a lot of good news for truck drivers and truck companies. The improvement of roads, the reduction of laws and regulations, and the enhancement of the economy all sound good, but in fact, there are still many things to observe, and the government has not succeeded or quickly happened. Congress will have its own ideas on how to proceed, and there will certainly be some conflicts.

although significant changes are possible, what we can do now is to pay close attention to potential changes and make our voice heard so that these changes can have a positive impact on our industry. Although government officials have solved all these problems, truck drivers will still be there to maintain the supply chain and keep the country running. Everyone should agree on this.