Winter Driving Skills

Winter Driving Skills

Access Rent A Car now provides vehicles equipped with winter tires for winter travel in Canada. When winter comes, it is not enough to prepare for cold protection, but also prepare for your own vehicle. If you plan to rent a car, You should know that these preparations have been implemented to ensure your safety. However, driving on the road in winter may be a challenge, so there are some suggestions on driving methods in winter.

  • You must check the weather and road conditions before going out. Please pay special attention to the warnings that may appear at the top of the weather website or news channel.

  • If you are traveling in an unfamiliar place, ask the local people. They know the road better than you and know how dangerous it is. If you say that they are a bad idea to drive, trust them. They may be right.

  • GPS is perfect for navigation! But according to the seasons and unpredictable weather conditions, this is not important. If you encounter a closed road, it will be closed. It is reported that no matter whether the road is frozen or not, there will be some accidents in winter, which is the reason why the road is closed.

  • When driving, fill the fuel tank at least half full to avoid any engine freezing.

Now, if you are only facing cold weather, driving in winter is one thing. Driving in the snow is another.

Driving skills in snow

  • Slow acceleration and deceleration. Slow refueling is conducive to restoring traction and avoiding skidding. Time is required for braking; it takes longer to slow down on icy roads.

  • When driving behind the car, keep a greater distance than usual to prevent sudden stop. Similarly, when driving in ice and snow conditions, everything slows down. Parking on snow and ice roads is much longer than parking on dry roads.

  • Don’t try to power up any hillside. Using extra gasoline on snowy roads will only make the wheels skid. The best way to climb a mountain is to speed up before going uphill.

  • Brake slowly before turning, so that the entry speed will be reduced, and the possibility of skidding and slipping is minimum.

  • If there is snow and ice on the road, do not conduct cruise control. Because if your car eventually skids, it will try to accelerate, leaving you out of control.

  • “Do not brake”, especially if the vehicle is equipped with anti lock braking system.

Access Rent A Car attaches great importance to the safety of customers. It is partially safe to install high-quality winter tires on all vehicles provided.